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Deck the Halls


I love putting out the decorations. It’s an oasis in the unreasonable bustle that is the two weeks before Christmas.

This weekend I slipped away to Bristol to hang out with my friends Catherine, Lottie, Laura, Lou, Natalie and Bethan who I met for the first time. Lou had match-made us with Ivory Flowers on North Street in Bristol to get our wreath on.

Long story short; we ended up at Lottie’s which is completely gorgeous. Seriously the nicest house I’ve been in for a long time and a credit to Lottie and her husband’s passion for interior design.



Making a wreath looks like it could be tedious (I have a low threshold for things which take too long) but it was incredibly fun. I can’t profess any great plan for the design – I just wanted those scrummy Billy Buttons in it somehow!


And here it is hanging on our front door! I haven’t shown you the new front door yet. We replaced the terrible UPVC door we inherited with a wooden door in keeping with the original style of our street.

I has taken some getting used to having a wooden door and single glazing but doesn’t it look fantastic? I feel happy every time I look at this door. So far we only have the outside painted (we take things slowly) and eventually we’ll probably replace the glass with stained glass.


Not only is our front door bedecked but we have our Solstice tree up and covered in the brightest decorations. The children asked me to make a timelapse of them decorating the tree and who am I to refuse such a good idea?

Incredibly silly and mostly out of focus – I give you the Solstice Treemation!

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So we are decorated if nothing else. Truth be told we are not ready at all for Solstice tomorrow – let’s hope the Solstice Fairy lends us a helping hand.

Wishing you all days filled with light and love. Kat xoxo

PS – Just look what I have to put up with!