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Eggs in the Woods

I love how traditions take hold with each year that passes. Without any prompting from us, Milla and Monty have been alive with talk of the annual spring egg hunt for days. And it would be simply impossible to hunt for eggs in the wood without the company of our very best friend Amy who started our tradition.


Not only do we hunt for eggs but Mama frantically tries to take close-ups of the eggs before they are discovered. Those children are fast!


Eventually, baskets full, they retire to a handy den to sit on logs and eat their haul. Chattering all the while about the sneaky chocolate-hiding bunny and sharing their news with one of their special people.


I do so love our little Spring tradition. How do you celebrate the season?

Autumn Walks

Breathing in the clear Autumn air is top of my happy list right now and in the last few weeks we have found ourselves drawn to the woods for walks and outings.

Out here I feel so much more connected to how the season is moving from the shifting colours to the change in footing. The pictures above were taken two weeks apart in the same clearing.

The excitement of hurtling towards the woods over the chalk down hasn’t left me since I was a child running breathless into the valley.

We’d come here with a sledge at the first sign of snow, sliding down the hill and dragging ourselves back up again for another go over and over until we were exhausted from the fun.

Later, I’d ride horses across the bottom of the valley, feeling like I was flying before heading through the woods towards home. Cold, wet, muddy and bursting with happiness.

We headed to the woodland playground that I have written about before with friends in half term but far more exciting was the rope which came with us.

A gnarly old oak, a small log and some big muscles created a swing which we used to hoist the children into the tree tops. Their laughter bounced back from the evergreen trees surrounding us as they found themselves swinging from a high branch. A completely inspired idea (not mine) and one we will have to repeat although I’m not confident I’ll be able to given our hoister is a strapping 6’4″!

Coming back is always the same: a little warm stepping out in to the open once more, feet dragged the closer to the car we come and promises to return soon the only thing which can persuade them to leave.

And return we do. For walks, rides, picnics and long naps. Drawn here by our hearts; which beat more peacefully in this space.


Last year we started our tradition of a Spring egg hunt through the woods. This year there were bunnies too.

Woodland Spring

Running through the woods.

Picking through the bluebells.

Building dens.

So much excitement to be had spending the day in the woods. The bluebells are out in full creating a blue haze beneath the trees. Deer crashed through the trees around us as Milla and Monty dashed about collecting sticks, exploring paths, climbing over logs, picking dandelions, making dens and just having the best time together.

Betsy and I relaxed on the picnic blanket listening to the birds and watching seeds skim through the air. It was so dreamy I shot a small clip so you could join us.