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Happy Solstice

From our family to yours, wishing you a happy Solstice. However you celebrate this time between years I hope you are surrounded by those you love. Kat xoxo


A classic but oh so satisfying activity to bring our Solstice sun into the Winter season. The snow outside may be all but gone but Winter is very much here to stay. Our preparations for Solstice and New Year are steadily building pace despite my lack of energy and the extreme budget. I am actually quite pleased we are consciously spending as little as possible as it is making what we do buy and give feel all the more precious because of it.

And for all of you who are irked that there is not more pregnancy talk around these parts here is a rare appearance of the baby belly.

Time Spent…


:: Sorting the stash

:: In the last of the snow

:: Learning to walk

:: Making cookies

:: Feeding the birds


:: Serging

:: Recuperating

:: Cooking and baking

:: Crafting


:: With friends

:: Sewing

:: Gazing

Thank you for all of your comments, tweets and emails. We had just gotten over them being ill when I came out in shingles and the littles got a winter vomiting bug so we are once more laid low. Between the snow and sickness I feel like we have barely left our village this year!

Snowy Days


Not many of these to be had in England usually and so trying to make the most of them while we have the chance. We have been tracking animal foot prints around the village, sliding along tire tracks, stomping, running, jumping, and generally working off our energy until our lips are numb and our noses streaming. Then we race back home for snuggles and hot chocolate. Bliss.