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My friends and I often joke that our children are child geniuses. Well they are joking I, on the other hand, am clearly the mother of a super brain like no other before.

Here’s an example: yesterday we were playing in the garden when Milla spontaneously counted to five. Almost dumb struck I asked her what came next and she counted the rest of the way to ten. Child. Genius. Fact.

This morning I was recounting my amazement to Mr Kat and asked Milla if she would count for Papa. This is how it went:

Milla: One, two, three, cow, five!

Me: Ok…what’s next?

Milla: Lion.

Mr Kat: We’ll save Mensa until she’s three shall we?

Me:  Or maybe even cow.

Pox or not?

We were heading to London on Sunday morning for a trip to Pulse trade show and, more importantly, to celebrate the second birthday of Natalie’s daughter. As we glide through Richmond a call comes through informing us that one of Milla’s chums has chicken pox. We all turn to look at her an there on her cheek are three rosy spots. Doom. A few hurried messages to other people who might be affected and agreement that best to stay away from the party.

Normally I would embrace Milla getting chicken pox out of the way but Monty is only three months old and I think it may be too soon for him. So instead of a morning in the park with Mr Kat and an afternoon at the party poor Milla had to endure hanging out at the trade show all afternoon. She wore it well.

This morning she wakes up with angry red spots on her face and arms. Crucially, not on her torso. Dates and spots don’t fit pox. Then they all fade only to reappear a few hours later. I decided to Google the symptoms which, I don’t need to tell you, was a big mistake. In the end I figured it out: heat rash. Duh.

Edit – UPDATE: not heat rash. Turned out to be a virus which three of her chums also had.

Toddler Party Etiquette

Help me out here. When did toddler parties get so complicated? We are preparing for Milla’s 2nd birthday. Due to belonging to several ‘groups’ she will be having two parties, one at the park and one at the farm. Simple enough and yet not. One group is nice and chilled; they will bring their own picnics, I will provide cake and the kids can run around the farm while we gossip. The other group has set the bar for: party ‘tea’ (can’t abide calling a meal a tea but only option given time of day), gifts and party bags.

This party is joint with another child from the group whose Mama is also slightly aghast at party bags etc for two year olds. But of course we are doing it as everyone else has. I took my opportunity to get my name down for an easy job and took on bags. Here is what I’ve got so far: brown paper bags with fab Creature Comfort Apple Notes stuck on, Lotta Bruhn Space Stickers, a few crayons and some star shaped biscuits. Is that enough? I hope it is as I won’t be dashing out to buy some plastic bag fillers which will break / clutter the house / be thrown away within days.

*Sigh* am I just an old misery guts?