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Sharing a Room


Time creeps by so slowly and yet when you’re not looking it streaks ahead of you leaving you wondering what happened. My little Monty is ten months old today and has spent his first night in his own room. After much consideration and consultation with Milla they are now sharing a room. An event which has been met with giggles and celebration aplenty.

Potty Learning

Milla and I have been working on the transition to full time potty use. She is, of course, exceptional and I can mostly let her get on with it. I was gossiping on the phone this morning with a good chum. When I finished she was sat on her potty.

Me: Are you doing a wee?

Milla: Nope, a poo.

Me: Ah ok.

Milla: I missed a bit.

Me: *looks down at foot* oh…

Sharing a Room

We had some chums to visit this weekend. An old school friend of mine and her family who I have not seen since we were up the duff with our first children (we both have two born at the same time).

Our toddlers were sharing a room. They had a bath together, got dressed for bed, read some books and were tucked into their respective beds. After a quiet ten minutes I declared we had it sorted.

Than the giggling began….

Growing up too Fast

My dear little Milla had her first taste of life in pre-school today. Although she won’t be starting until next February they held an open day for all children attending next year. She fared very well after shaking off some of her reserve.

I really can’t believe this has come so quickly. How did she grow up so fast?