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Marvellous Mr Monty

Monty is going through a magical time at the moment. Like the sudden rush of life in Springtime he is bursting with newness every day.

His speech is expanding by the day with new words and the introduction of sentences. He counts and recounts, instructs and suggests. He watches and listens carefully to what is being said and then tries the words out for himself, repeating quietly until he is happy with how they sound. His linguistic leaps and bounds are matched by his rapid physical advances. Running, jumping, climbing, dancing whatever his body will allow him to do, he’ll try it.

He is developing understanding of others’ feelings and will accept suggested compromises to settle disagreements. He has strong ideas about what he likes and has learned how to express his preferences. He is getting there with disappointment. Slowly. He has a crazed sense of humour and the kind of belly laugh which makes you happy just hearing it. His love for silliness knows no bounds.

About to turn two, filled with potential and excitement. Every day, I am amazed by Monty.

Two little stars

Last night: Mama, these two are going to poke two little holes and they will flew-ed up to the sky and be two little stars looking down at you.


Mama – What did you two do last night?

Milla – We flew to the sky and were two little stars looking down on you.

Mama – And what did you see?

Milla – We saw everything there is and watched you and Papa while you went to sleep.

Mama – Oh, and then what did you do?

Milla – We flew to India and rode on deers then we came home when you were sleeping.

Forgive the phone photo, a perfect moment imperfectly captured.

Snowy Days


Not many of these to be had in England usually and so trying to make the most of them while we have the chance. We have been tracking animal foot prints around the village, sliding along tire tracks, stomping, running, jumping, and generally working off our energy until our lips are numb and our noses streaming. Then we race back home for snuggles and hot chocolate. Bliss.