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Toddler Baking

Sandwich Bread

Oh joy to be back in the kitchen creating yummies!

Totally loving this sandwich bread loaf recipe from Michel Roux Jr. I used dried yeast rather than fresh as that’s what I had when our baking window came up but it turned out just fine. Better than fine, it was eat-three-slices-with-butter good. It is quite a sweet bread, bordering on doughnut-y but I am not complaining about that. It may not be an everyday bread but it is well worth making and one I’ll be baking again.

The kids were thrilled with themselves and gleefully ate it with butternut squash soup for supper and as sandwiches the next day. Hurrah!

Dodgy Biscuits

I have a liking for making jam. Eating it, not so much. Luckily the rest of my family don’t feel the same way so there is an outlet for my produce. We made jammy dodgers this week from a recipe in Tana Ramsay’s Family Kitchen. There is a definite satisfaction in making these yummy little delights although be prepared to rest the dough for five hours.


As you can see Monty was very excited about the prospect of baked goods.


They looked so cute al lined up on the rack I couldn’t wait until daylight to take pictures. Sadly star shapes don’t work so well as they tend to break when you set them on top. Of course, broken biscuits taste just as good.


Milla calls them ‘jammy dodgy biscuits’ which is certainly apt. After asking her to stand by the window so I could take a photo of her eating one she now thinks that is how they should be enjoyed.