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A Corner

There is a reason I rarely show you pictures of our house and that reason is my terrible house keeping. This is one of the few surfaces which isn’t constantly beset by clutter and is therefore one of my favourite corners. I loved Amanda’s corners of our home series so I thought you might like to see my little corner.

This is the corner of our sitting room next to the opening into the kitchen. It is a little gathering of things which make me smile.

Although I have completely cut it out of the picture it’s based around a bureau which came from my grandmother’s house via my mother’s. It is packed full of stationary, pens, cards, wrapping paper, posting packages and just about everything associated. It is so full that it often takes several attempts to close the door.

Do you have a favourite corner?

I have a little side project in readiness on the blog which I shall tell you more about on Friday. If you simply can’t wait there is a sneak preview on my Facebook page.