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Make a Spring Wreath

Spring Door Wreath by Housewife Confidential

I was at my local flower wholesaler’s (if you’re in Winchester go out to Dutch Masters – they are fabulous) buying Spring flowers for bouquets when I spotted some willow wreaths beside the till.

As I was heading out for a day of blogger fun and photography the next day I thought I would grab one to add to my pile of projects to photograph. More about our day of bloggers and photography in a later post.

I have added step by step instructions to the bottom of this post so you can make your own.

Spring Door Wreath by Housewife Confidential-1-3

The wreath is based on a straw ring and has willow branches strongly wired at the base and tied in place with string. This is a great structure for securing flowers in and you can get away without wire for the flowers if you need to.

Spring Door Wreath by Housewife Confidential-3-3

Spring Door Wreath by Housewife Confidential-4-3

The great thing about a wreath like this is a few flowers go a long way. You could easily achieve this with a mixed bunch of spring flowers.

I have used: anemones, daffodils, tulips and my favourite Billy Buttons! The wreath has pussy willows within it which add a different texture into the mix.

I took the ribbon from my Solstice wreath (which was still hanging, dried out on the wall) which I simply tied in a knot and topped with a bow.

Spring Door Wreath by Housewife Confidential-5-4

 Spring Door Wreath by Housewife Confidential-2-4

Spring Door Wreath by Housewife Confidential-3-4

I really love how cheerful this looks on my door and when the flowers wilt I can replace them with a fresh bunch. Wouldn’t it be the perfect way to greet guests visiting this Easter?

 Spring Door Wreath by Housewife Confidential-7

How to Make a Spring Wreath

One straw or metal wreath ring

A bundle of willow twigs and pussy willows

A roll of strong florists wire

Wire cutters


Rustic twine

A bunch of spring flowers

Fine florist’s wire

A long piece of ribbon


  • Cut your willows into lengths of about 30cms.
  • Take a small bundle of the twigs and lay them over your base sticking out at an angle.
  • Make sure your base is well covered and wrap the strong wire around the bottom of the twigs several times to anchor it in place.
  • Repeat this working backwards around the ring, finally tucking the last bundle under the first.
  • Use the string to tie down the protruding twigs.
  • Trim any which are sticking out.
  • Trim your flower stems to around 15 – 20cms and slide them into the wreath.
  • If any are droopy insert florists wire into the stem to give them some stability.
  • You may want to secure your flowers with wire to ensure they don’t drop out when the wreath is hanging on your door.
  • Fold your ribbon in two, allow about 20cms (or what suits you) to hang it on your door, tie a knot and then use the tails to tie a bow over the knot.
  • Hang with pride and welcome Spring in!

Eggs in the Woods

I love how traditions take hold with each year that passes. Without any prompting from us, Milla and Monty have been alive with talk of the annual spring egg hunt for days. And it would be simply impossible to hunt for eggs in the wood without the company of our very best friend Amy who started our tradition.


Not only do we hunt for eggs but Mama frantically tries to take close-ups of the eggs before they are discovered. Those children are fast!


Eventually, baskets full, they retire to a handy den to sit on logs and eat their haul. Chattering all the while about the sneaky chocolate-hiding bunny and sharing their news with one of their special people.


I do so love our little Spring tradition. How do you celebrate the season?

Spring (in my Kitchen)


Right now the feeling that Winter will never end is hard to shake. I can see evidence of the coming season around me in buds and shoots but it isn’t happening quickly enough for me. Perhaps it’s the half-hearted Autumn or the kind-of-meh Winter or maybe it’s just because the rush of Spring is so exciting. Whatever it is, I’m starting Spring in my kitchen right now.


A very sunny gift arrived this week in the form of some tea towels and hand towels. Aren’t they just yummy? Seeing as I have a reputation for having cool tea towels I figure these are a must.


Another new addition is a thrifted water jug. Far more appropriate for supper time than the old Pimms jug I had been using.


Last night I dusted down the sewing machine to finally make a new baby gift for a baby who is nearly one (take note friends – the gifts will come eventually). I feel such hope and joy when I sew. Coming back to it has taken me so long but I feel that the machine will be busy this Spring.


So Spring may arriving slowly but the promise of it is in the air and that’s enough for now.


Last year we started our tradition of a Spring egg hunt through the woods. This year there were bunnies too.