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Kitchen Playlist

Letters in my friend’s kitchen.

My kitchen time is one of the few spaces I choose to fill with music these days. I used to have a never-ending sound track but somewhere along the way it fell quiet, replaced by the chatter and laughter of my family.

I may not have rights over the stereo (this is Monty’s domain and it is permanently loaded with a CD of songs his dance teacher gave to him) but there is a little docking station with an old iPod bought specifically for kitchen music. Not only is there a kitchen iPod but a kitchen playlist filled with the music I want to hear while I’m kneading, chopping, stirring, pottering and taking some time to breathe. The breathing is important and allowing a little music in adds a sweetness to the air.

I love reading about other people’s musical taste, following links and discovering someone new to love. In the last year Lou and Abby have both shared music on their blogs which has found its way onto my list. My hunger for music in my life is returning, music which makes the heart soar, which makes you smile and music to dance to in the kitchen.

Here are five of my favourite kitchen play list artists:

:: Alice Russell ::

:: Emmy the Great ::

:: Feist ::

:: Lisa Hannigan ::

:: Sophie Madeleine ::

I made a little play list on iTunes Ping but I’m darned if I can link to it. If you’re on there, you can find me as: Kat Molesworth.

I would love to hear your musical recommendations.