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Snow Day

Late last night we got the notice through that a snow day was being called for school as the forecast was so bad.





I’m having so much fun! If you’re taking your camera out with you please take a look at my snow photography tips before you do.

Happy snow day friends x

The Dark Days

Hello! I have been reunited with my laptop cable and am longing to share my pictures with you.

School ran right up until Solstice this year so we kind of fell into the holidays, exhausted and in need of a recharge. Thankfully the rain gave us a reason to cosy up and slow down. Lazy mornings, pyjama days and delicious feasts.

After Christmas we headed up to Scotland to stay with Kat and her family.

Our visits together are normally a night or two at most so it was great to spend a little longer (although not long enough) hanging out together.

(Black & white images above edited with the Capturing Childhood Lightroom 4 Black & White Presets)

Our children took to communal living with enthusiasm and there is already talk of our next trip to Scotland.

I also got to go and meet a couple of my favourite bloggers Flannery O’Kafka in Glasgow and Amanda Kitschy Coo (below) in Edinburgh. Bittersweet in a way as I would have liked to talk to them both for at least three times as long as we had. Next time.

We made our reluctant way home having enjoyed the first proper break from working in the whole of 2012. 2013 already looks bright for the promise of more time dedicated to family, friends and feasting. Got to love the feasting.

Scotland, you did not disappoint.

Hurrah for Snow!

And hurrah for local friends who give you hot chocolate as you’re passing.

Snowy Days


Not many of these to be had in England usually and so trying to make the most of them while we have the chance. We have been tracking animal foot prints around the village, sliding along tire tracks, stomping, running, jumping, and generally working off our energy until our lips are numb and our noses streaming. Then we race back home for snuggles and hot chocolate. Bliss.