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Goodbye Bumps

I am gradually accepting that I will probably never be pregnant again. Three was always the number I imagined when it came to children and there is a definite sense of completeness in our household. There are so many reasons why and while I would love nothing more than to keep growing our family I am ready to say I’m done.

Knowing this I took one or two bump pictures in the last couple of months. For one of the most memorable times in your life the memory of being pregnant is incredibly difficult to hold on to. Already, a mere four weeks on, it is slipping through my fingers like water.

That wonderful feeling of having the world of possibility growing day by day (however uncomfortable and terrifying) disappears within minutes of that possibility being laid in your arms.

Bumps – top, 38 weeks and bottom, half an hour before delivery.


I told Monty that the baby was kicking and he decided to join in (don’t fret, more foot wriggling than kicking).

I was very lucky to be chosen as the winner of Sian’s year in photos competition and am the proud owner of a CyberMummy 2011 ticket. I am indebted to her daughter, the judge, for choosing my pictures as her favourites.

I went to CyberMummy last year with a very tiny baby on board, this year I will be doing it with the same baby on the outside. Realistically, to make the whole thing possible I’m going to need to stay near to the venue the night before and the night after the event. As I’m a terrible sleepwalker I’m going to have to cart Mr Kat and the kids along too lest I end up doing something crazy in the middle of the night. Why am I telling you all of this? Because, long story short, I need to find a sponsor to fund that part of the trip as I don’t have the means to do it any other way.

So, if you are reading and are in a position to help us out I am looking for: one room in a hotel with parking for two nights (approx £250). If you want to treat me to a fancy new outfit and day at a spa as well I won’t say no but it really isn’t necessary. I am flexible about how the relationship will work but I am also particular about the kind of company I will work with as it needs to be true to the heart of this blog: simple family living. If you want to know a bit more about me there is my about page and if you want to get in touch, the contact page.

For those of you still reading, thank you, and I think the baby just turned sideways!

Grey Days

Back into regular life after our little Winter break. I must say I had worried a little about how my body would hold up to being back in sole charge as Mr Kat has taken the lion share of, well, everything. I have trouble with my pelvis when pregnant and while it is manageable for the most part, it is terribly limiting in so many ways. For example, while I can reach my feet (just) I am unable to lift a leg long enough to slip a sock onto my foot such is the pain. I have to think carefully about what we are planning to do on any one day and balance any standing and walking I need to do with long periods of sofa time.

As you can imagine, the children would prefer me to be out and about with them or playing on the floor. I know it is short lived yet it doesn’t stop me feeling sad that they are missing ‘me’ so much. Still, there are many benefits to slowing down and doing things differently. We spend more time reading, they have devised countless new games together, there is more time for creativity and they are napping again. I am a big believer in naps for children and the rising number of days when naps fell by the wayside were bothering me. Not least because I need the afternoon downtime as much as they do.

So we have muddled by. I have used the car more than I would like but on the whole it is working. There has been playing in the rain, dancing in the kitchen, visits from friends (who bring the sweet tulip-y promise of Spring), baking and lots of cuddling.

I have been lifted by every comment, tweet and email you have sent since I wrote about how we celebrate the Winter. In honesty I wasn’t sure about sharing as many folk find it a little peculiar. Thank you to all of my wonderful blog readers, friends, who took the time to add your thoughts and support.

I have been getting regular reminders from Milla about my sewing list with particular reference to the projects which she has commissioned.

The little stacks of fabric in this picture represent four projects. The Cloud9 Forest Friends flannels on top were won in a competition on The Sewing Directory courtesy of Saints & Pinners and are destined to become a sleeping bag for our new little one, hopefully before they put in an appearance. Next down is a piece of Japanese fabric which is intended for a ballet kit bag for Milla. Then we have a stack of Castle Peeps by Lizzy House which I bought from Whipstitch. This is going to be a quilt for Monty’s bed, Milla has one in her Red Letter Day collection which I made last New Year (you can see it here). And finally is a furry tiger print which Milla has told me is going to be a tiger hat and tail, oh my!

There are lots of things to which I should attend but I’m thinking a little sewing in January could be just the ticket.

The Up Side of Insomnia

This morning I woke up at 2:14 and after two hours of tossing and turning in bed it became clear to me that I wasn’t going back to sleep in a hurry. So, defeated, I decided to grab some clothes and head downstairs so Mr Kat at least could sleep peacefully.

There are some benefits to being up so early and one is that I was able to give Mr Kat a lie in and bring the children downstairs myself. I am exceedingly lucky because Mr Kat usually allows me to sleep on while he does the early morning shift. But I do wonder if it is me who misses out…