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Five Reasons Your Resolutions Will Hold You Back and How to Fix Them

Starting the new year with a clean slate, new notebooks and a heart full of resolutions is a fantastic feeling. The hope as the sun starts to return and you imagine how your life will change is uplifting and life-affirming.

Yet as time goes by these intentions begin to feel like an unachievable burden and you quietly let them slip away.

Is it something to do with your inability to stick to anything? I don’t think so. Having read my way through dozens of New Years Resolutions on blogs in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen one pattern repeating over and over:

The resolutions have failure written into them.

So many resolutions I have read have subtle indicators that they won’t be achieved or if they are, that achievement will go unnoticed. Can you imagine intentionally making your life difficult? No.

It’s not necessarily the intention of your resolution but how you are thinking about it that’s holding you back. If you’re trying to escape entrenched mindsets the chances are those very mindsets could be seeping into your goals and holding you back. No more!

Do your resolutions have the potential to transform your life but lack the power? Here are five ways in which your resolutions are holding you back and how to fix them.

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