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A Conclusion of Sorts

Unrelated picture taken this weekend at the other-worldly gardens at Stourhead.

The long saga of Mr Kat and his former employer has reached a conclusion, of sorts. The tribunal process is done and has gone in Mr Kat’s favour helped in part by his former employer failing to show at a single hearing.

The sum awarded is quite staggering in that it highlights just what has been missing from our budget this past year. But until the courts force him to pay it; it’s pie in the sky!

Despite the pain and worry I am still grateful that this happened to us. We have come out of it strong, hard working and creative. We both own businesses that we are proud of and work with people who bring out the best in us.

This last year has been about surviving; I’m hoping the next will be about thriving.


And Wiser, So They Say

We have been celebrating Mr Kat’s birthday this weekend. With visiting family, dinner with friends and, of course, cake. Another year older…

Every Cloud

A little fringe benefit of Mr Kat’s impossible situation with work is that he is working from home.  How wonderful that because of our woes we can now enjoy a family supper every evening.


So much has happened, so many things I could say. Six years ago today, on a sunny May Saturday you made me your wife and the happiest girl alive. It definitely makes my top ten of best days so far.