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Now I Need a Hat

Monty likes to make himself busy. Busy creating homes for goats, building boats and arranging his collection of muslins into elaborate structures. Busy, busy busy.


Today he laid his muslins out on the floor, arranged the chairs, fetched his accordion and turned to me, “Now I need a hat, Mama.”


Then he busked.

And told the crowd they needed to dig deeper in their pockets.

Eggs in the Woods

I love how traditions take hold with each year that passes. Without any prompting from us, Milla and Monty have been alive with talk of the annual spring egg hunt for days. And it would be simply impossible to hunt for eggs in the wood without the company of our very best friend Amy who started our tradition.


Not only do we hunt for eggs but Mama frantically tries to take close-ups of the eggs before they are discovered. Those children are fast!


Eventually, baskets full, they retire to a handy den to sit on logs and eat their haul. Chattering all the while about the sneaky chocolate-hiding bunny and sharing their news with one of their special people.


I do so love our little Spring tradition. How do you celebrate the season?



There is nothing quite like the blind excitement of a day all about you. Monty has been looking forward to his birthday party and the big chocolate cake he would have since before Solstice.

Do you recall the parties you had as a child? I do and I think I’m influenced by what stood out for me; not the children’s entertainers but the simple pleasures of running around, playing silly games and the party tea. I embrace these memories when I’m planning my children’s parties and stick to simple activities with lots of time for free play.

This Saturday we followed a Gruffalo (who had stolen our jammy dodgers), played in the park, ate sausages, got covered in chocolate cake crumbs and crowned a crazy-dance-musical-statues champion. Afterwards the family rode scooters and bikes and sang happy birthday to our youngest member.

A gathering which is almost a cause for celebration in and of itself. Family and friends taking time to show how much they love each other. Creating memories of sunny days which were so much fun you thought you might burst.

The Third

Kitchen helper, adventurer, craziest legs I ever saw. Happy birthday Monty x