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After the Party


Mama: What was your favourite part of the party?

Milla: When Papa was packing the car and you were taking photos of us. That’s always my favourite part.

Are They Knowing How To Do It?

I have been missing you! Sorry for ducking out over the last week. I’ve been working on a stop motion which has been taking up my evenings this last week. I’m in the last stages of filming then onto the edit – I can’t wait to unveil the finished project! Here’s a sneak preview of the action on set:


I have been getting used to filming with my new camera. As it allows me to adjust the settings manually it is both incredibly freeing and  a steep learning curve. My biggest challenge is remembering to change the white balance each time!

There is little more exciting to me than my children’s deciding they want to play cameras when I have time to play. So when they hatched the idea of making their own TV show to tell people how to make sage and onion stuffing I was setting up the tripod before they’d finished telling me.

I realised halfway through editing I’d missed a couple of close-ups so we recorded them in a second session (spot the clothing continuity error!).

They had so much fun putting this together and I’ll be adding the video to my sage and onion recipe page. They had fun, but I had fun too. I have a few film projects up my sleeve for the next few months not to mention my film class, Shooting Stories, starting in March.

Without further ado! I give you, Milla and Monty…

Please let Milla and Monty know what you thought – they are so excited to be sharing this with you x






 Milla took her first ballet exam this weekend. So self-assured and ready to take on the challenge. So suddenly growing up.


Her Dress

When I saw this dress in the Ilovegorgeous archive sale last month, I didn’t think twice: I bought it. There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t have but oh my, it is just too perfect on her.

There is nothing I don’t love about this dress, the colours, cut, fabrics they are all stunning. It may not fit next year, my cost per wear ratio might be skewed but it’s worth it: this dress was made for Milla.