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Housewife Confidential

It feels like a long time since weekends were endless days of pottering around. These days it feels like nothing is ever finished and the time is gone before it’s even been started.

This weekend the sun shone, we hung out with friends, wandered through the car boot sale and shopped at the farmers market. For just a couple of days it felt like we had all the time in the world again.

Housewife Confidential-10

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Crazy in Love



He wants to be a head teacher, she wants to be an explorer.

He’s building his school near the jungle so they can be together.


Last Day of the Summer

London Bound (1)

On the last Sunday of the holidays we took advantage of a train ticket offer* and caught the train to London for the day.

Having waited until all of the children could appreciate the trip we were finally headed for The Natural History Museum (Actual History Museum according to Monty).

London Bound (2)

As you’d expect, the museum was incredibly crowded so we limited ourselves to the mammal hall and the dinosaur exhibition. I adore the NHM, who doesn’t? It is wondrous from the outside and entrancing on the inside.

I love the architecture, it is unbelievably detailed. I think you could spend years viewing the building and still not have drunk in everything it has to offer.

It was designed by Alfred Waterhouse who coincidentally designed our local church around the same time (you can see the tower in this post with it’s NHM-esq details). Even more coincidentally he also designed my business partner’s town hall up in Scotland. Or rather, he got about a bit in Victorian times.

London Bound (3)

We began and ended our day on the South Banks which is always one of the most fun places to hang out in central London – why did I never come here when I lived in the city? Couldn’t you just stay for the whole day and never get bored?

This Summer they have been celebrating a Festival of Neighbourhood which makes it even more thrilling than usual. Add to that Wahaca’s Street Kitchen and you pretty much have my perfect day out.

I wanted to make a short film for the children to remember their day and decided to go with a series of still images in stop motion. You know I have a weakness for stop motion and time lapse!

Hope you enjoy coming along for the ride x

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*Which, as an aside, was not offered on the National Rail site nor in station. Thank goodness for The Tainline highlighting it and saving us nearly £20 /aside over.

Giant Steps


No matter how ready we are for the next step it’s still a giant leap when we get there.

The children were only in school for two days last week but the adjustment felt huge. Early mornings, packed bags, frayed tempers, separation – it is all so much to adapt to in one day.

Monty has joined Milla at school, for mornings only at first but he’s nonetheless a school child now.

Besty will soon be going to pre-school and I’ll be free to work without the interruptions of shows, cuddles, arguments, snacks and a dozen other needs. I welcome the time to work without disrupting their time but I am going to miss the chaos around me.

This Autumn we’re all taking a giant leap forward. Thank goodness we have hands to hold.