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I Need Your DIY Advice…

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We have reached the job in Project Garden of which I’m most terrified – laying a patio.

It will be going in this corner of the garden and as you can see there are already a few patio slabs around the drains by the wall. The washing line is going to be moved and the patio will come out in line with the wall and be a couple of fence panels long.

We’re hoping to do the bulk of the work on Saturday when the children are out with their grandparents – I hope it’s as sunny as it is today!

Now, I have the super-practical Mr Kat in charge of the operation but he has never laid a patio either.

So I’m throwing out a plea for you to give me your best advice for laying a patio – what do I need to know, what will cause us problems and how do we get it just right?

And yes, if it is even possible our garden is looking more untidy than when we began but at least our quince harvest is looking good.

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