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Spring (in my Kitchen)


Right now the feeling that Winter will never end is hard to shake. I can see evidence of the coming season around me in buds and shoots but it isn’t happening quickly enough for me. Perhaps it’s the half-hearted Autumn or the kind-of-meh Winter or maybe it’s just because the rush of Spring is so exciting. Whatever it is, I’m starting Spring in my kitchen right now.


A very sunny gift arrived this week in the form of some tea towels and hand towels. Aren’t they just yummy? Seeing as I have a reputation for having cool tea towels I figure these are a must.


Another new addition is a thrifted water jug. Far more appropriate for supper time than the old Pimms jug I had been using.


Last night I dusted down the sewing machine to finally make a new baby gift for a baby who is nearly one (take note friends – the gifts will come eventually). I feel such hope and joy when I sew. Coming back to it has taken me so long but I feel that the machine will be busy this Spring.


So Spring may arriving slowly but the promise of it is in the air and that’s enough for now.

The Gentleman in my Kitchen

I have been searching for a Gentleman’s Wardrobe for my kitchen for nearly two years. I have missed them on Freecycle, been out bid on eBay and just about given up when I found this beauty.


A perfectly proportioned 1920s fellow who was no longer wanted. Would you believe that we were the only bidders and got it for 99p? I can scarce believe it myself but we were lucky to be unchallenged and as if that weren’t good enough it was only a few miles from where we live. You may be wondering why I am so intent to have a wardrobe in my kitchen so take a peek inside…


We do a lot of creating around these parts and now I have the space to store materials galore. There is even enough space to stow our back door clutter, a spare high chair and the little buggy I use to take Monty to and from play group pick ups. My fabric stash has now taken over the old art cupboard and has moved into our bedroom. We are kind of bursting at the seams in our home and every little change requires a whole host of little adjustments to accommodate it. I originally planned to paint it french grey to match our dresser and shelves but I am so in love with the warm wood that for now at least it will stay as it is. So many things about this piece of furniture make me happy especially the clothing labels on the shelves because every gentleman should know where his underwear lives.