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Sketchbook Club Housewife Confidential

For the last five weeks I’ve been heading to Jennie Maizels‘ studio for Sketchbook Club. Each week Jennie leads the gang of sketchers in a new layout in our sketchbooks.

Jennie’s holiday sketchbooks are legendary (check them out on Instagram) I totally wanted to join in with her group holiday diary project last year except we didn’t go on holiday and ‘I worked as fast as I could before the children wrecked the joint’ wears thin after the first couple of days.

Sketchbook Club Housewife Confidential

Sketchbook Club was perfect for me and as soon as Jennie announced it I knew I wanted to join.

I’ve found the evenings’ work therapeutic and while I may not log off completely (I got the wifi password week one – addict) taking time away from the computer adds to my enjoyment.

Each week we work on a loose theme and bring our own flare to the sketch. I’ve found some challenging and others just flowed on to the page.

Sketchbook Club Housewife Confidential

Sketchbook Club Housewife Confidential

Having barely drawn since school I did wonder if I was going to be able to keep up with the class but Jennie has this way of putting you at ease. Once I got out of my own way and relaxed I found that drawing was a really comfortable state to spend time in.

My favourite weeks have been the houses and leaves. I really struggle with the lettering (despite being a font geek!) so I have something to work on over Easter. I am looking to my friend Lisa for some hand lettering inspiration!

Sketchbook Club Housewife Confidential

The best part of Sketchbook Club (and yes, it’s totally cool to talk about Sketchbook Club) is seeing my sketchbook fill up week after week. Don’t they all look amazing together?

Do you want to come along too? I know there are a couple of spaces in the class for next term and also a class coming after Easter for children aged 11+ so if you’re near Winchester get in touch with Jennie.

Have you taken an art class since school? I’d love to know what you have been creating.

Sketchbook Club Housewife Confidential

Finding a Muse


This year I promised myself I would do four things to develop my photography and film. I was deliberately unspecific choosing the await the opportunities before narrowing down my intentions.

I took photo editing Photoshop class which, being truthful, was incredibly wordy and left me a little overwhelmed so I shall be revisiting it a little at a time.

After that I was looking for something a little less technical and a bit more lighthearted. Last month I came across a course on Skillshare called Muse: a Video Portrait Workshop run by Kat Tan-Conte. I don’t think I went into the class with any more expectation than to explore making films about people.

I chose to make a portrait of my friend Jennie who is an illustrator, author and innovator. She has such a bright and boundless energy it’s hard not to feel inspired in her company.

Click on to Housewife Confidential from reader / email if you can’t see the embedded video.

(here’s the YouTube for those whose devices won’t play Vimeo).

I love how taking this class held me accountable to creating something within a tight time-frame. I loved changing my editing workflow to suit this type of film and I really loved how it turned out.

I have some author interviews to work on in the next few months so I’m looking forward to creating a collection of these portraits.

As my teacher said, level UP!