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What do you think?

(I know, I know, where from? They are Prada)

Spectacular Spectacles

I get some crazy offers emailed to me every day. Recently I was offered laser eye surgery. Until that point I had never given eye surgery a second thought.

A quick straw poll on twitter produced mixed results – on one hand there were many saying don’t do it (quotes: “PR and surgery don’t mix” and “Eyes are too precious”) and on the other were those who had had it and raved about it (quotes: “Best thing I ever did” and “It changed my life”).

I have to admit to being swayed by the offer; it was pretty massive. But that was the only thing that swayed me -the offer not the need or desire for eye surgery. Thing is – I really love wearing glasses.

I used to wear fake glasses when I was a teenager and was over the moon when the optician prescribed my first pair of glasses (wire rim, oval shaped – it was the 90s). Bit by bit I’ve had to wear them more and more until December 2008 when I was pregnant with Monty and began to wear them full time.

Picture below is me six months pregnant with a very tiny Milla wearing the same dungarees Betsy was in today.

All this talk of eyes did prompt me to book a long overdue eye test which yielded the good news that my prescription has changed ever so slightly. This means new glasses!

Miss Betsy was all about trying on glasses and got hold of every single pair within her reach. Me, I’m not so sure. There were some I liked but none which made me lose my head and buy there and then.

I did take a whole heap of phone photos, so what do you think? Which frames should I make mine?