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Why I’m Not Inviting Anyone Over For Coffee

There are some things you think will never happen to you. But every time I look out of my window I’m confronted by the fact that my garden is one of those gardens.

You know the kind; the fences are falling down, the children have run riot and the former-lawn is peppered with decrepit plastic toys. I’m actually cringing telling you about it.

garden doom

It wasn’t always like this, times past we had it in good shape but bit by bit it has become unloved and ramshackle. It’s no one thing but an accumulation of neglect and a sand pit has brought us here.


Why the sand pit you ask? Oh, let me tell you, you might think a sand pit is a fun addition to your garden. You may even sing its praises as your children play in it for hours on end but one day, one day the sand will find its way out of the pit. A little at first, then in big piles which, unchecked, kill off your lawn and provide cover for children to burrow beneath the turf. Step away from the sand pit purchase: no good will come.


Our lawn used to be grassy and flat, now it’s muddy and undulating thanks to one particular child and his love of digging. Suffice to say; spades have been banned from the garden.


So now you know the worst – my garden shame is public and that’s why I’m not inviting you over for coffee. Sorry.

In a fit of desperation I sent a picture of our pitiful back yard to B&Q with an equally pitiful email. Thankfully they have a sense of humour and agreed that it was time to get to work and reclaim the garden. They are helping us out with materials and we will be writing about our progress along the way.

garden of doom

Our first jobs are:

  • Remove the old raised beds.
  • Weed and cut back the climbers.
  • Fix up the fences.
  • Paint the fences and the shed.

Too much for one bank holiday? Let’s hope not!


With thanks to B&Q for supporting Project Garden as part of their Unloved Rooms initiative. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

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project garden


On the Plus Side…




The mower may have broken. The bindweed from next door may be rampant. The sandpit might be about to take over the whole garden but oh my; it really is beautiful when it’s left to rack and ruin.

Winter Gardening


Not nearly enough gardening has gone on around here this year. The garden and a newborn just don’t seem to mix well for me. Even though we planted a Rocket Garden we just didn’t manage to keep up with it.

So last weekend, determined to get something growing the children and their grandparents cleared one of the raised beds while we cooked a roast. I wanted to be sure we got our garlic in the ground before it is frozen solid.

As usual the children were gardening long after our task was complete.

And in amongst the overgrown bed were three beautiful red cabbages. Fresh from the garden and into my pot. Bliss.

Sunday Dreaming

Milla is over the moon to have the Spring and Summer wardrobe back in play and has been choosing her outfit with glee each morning. This morning she seemed to look like she was a model for Mandy; classic shaped dress gathered at the waist, scuffed shoes, saggy socks and a winsome look about her.

This weekend we have been clearing the garden, planting rainbow pots and strawberries (much like last year). The transition from indoor days to outdoor days is most welcome and I have been sitting under our plum tree dreaming of coming trips to Bristol, Cornwall, of festivals and of the season stretching before us.