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Day Trip to Nisyros Volcano Island

Nisyros Island

The sun was setting as we swooped over the small volcano island of Nisyros, giving us the perfect view of the crater. I gazed at this gaping hole dominating the island and wondered what it was like.

As soon as the Thomson Holidays reps talked about the day trip to Nisyros taking in not only the volcano but traditional Greek villages I knew we had to visit.

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Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Family Holiday on Housewife Confidential

Let me take you back to the Summer…

Isle of Wight Family Holiday on Housewife Confidential

Isle of Wight Family Holiday-5


In August we headed over to the Isle of Wight for a weekend with our friends Tom & Bryony. Despite living in Hampshire most of my life I have never properly visited the Isle of wight – crazy, right?

Luckily my friends have been gently applying pressure to cross the Solent for a couple of years and this Summer we finally made it happen.

It’s rarely that we go away for more than a couple of nights so for our children a weekend away is a holiday. The anticipation was almost unbearable for them not least because they were so excited about travelling by ferry*!

Isle of Wight Family Holiday-4

Isle of Wight Family Holiday-15

With just two days to explore the island we kept our trip simple. We headed out to one or two places, took in the atmosphere and enjoyed island food.

With a blustery day ahead of us we set out for The Garlic Farm. Having bought our garlic from them since they began selling at Winchester Farmers Market it was great to finally visit the farm.

We shared a garlicky sausage roll and some pork scratchings (eurgh – not for me!) we hopped in the car and drove over to Ventnor. The wind was so strong my skirt blew up like a parachute! Of course this didn’t bother the children who delighted in digging in the shingle and dodging waves.

Of course a trip to the sea side is not complete without fish & chips. We shared fish & chips from Ventnor Haven Fishery and picked up some fresh fish to take home for our supper. I loved that their selection wasn’t the kind of fish we’re used to seeing on a menu – the rock salmon was uncommonly good!

On Sunday the weather was a blue-skied sunny day which can only mean one thing – beach day! As we were staying at Compton we didn’t have far to go to reach Compton Bay which is the quintessential British beach with sand, rocks and the chance of finding a fossil in between swims.

Isle of Wight Family Holiday on Housewife Confidential

Isle of Wight Family Holiday on Housewife Confidential

I sometimes feel like words are not enough to truly share how much fun we’ve been having. I made a film from the footage I took on my phone (and a little DSLR) to share with you…

If you can’t see the video below click here to view it…

Not only was it a super fun place to spend a family holiday but it gave me a chance to play around with some night photography.

Isle of Wight Family Holiday on Housewife Confidential

I remember my grandfather setting his alarm for 2am to photograph and eclipse when I was nine. Since then I’ve always connected holidays with a time for some creative exploration of the night sky.

Tom and I set up my camera on the tripod and experimented with different exposures. Having drooled over Milky Way photos for a while now I was thrilled to get such a clear shot within a few minutes. Not only that but we caught some meteors in the frame.

Huge thanks to the residents of Compton for turning their lights off at night so we can enjoy their dark skies!

Isle of Wight Family Holiday on Housewife Confidential

Isle of Wight Family Holiday on Housewife Confidential

I’m so glad I waited my whole life to visit the Isle of Wight; sharing my first visit with my favourite people made it so much more memorable.

*Our ferry crossings were covered by Wight Link for more detail please see my disclosure for readers page.

Visiting York

This post is brought to you by Hotel Direct. Thank you to the sponsors who support Housewife Confidential. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page.

York - image by bethmoon527 on flickr.

York – image by bethmoon527 on flickr.

Despite having family in Yorkshire and in York itself I have never been into the town itself. Completely shocking, I know.

I had planned to set this straight with a visit when I was in town for a wedding but I must have eaten the wrong thing as I was catastrophically sick as we drove into the city. That said, I do have plans for a day out in York and every intention of making time for them on our next Yorkshire trip.

National Railway Museum - image by doctorjbeam on flickr.

National Railway Museum – image by doctorjbeam on flickr.

York is rather spoiled for museums and the big three we would like to visit are:

The Quilt Museum & Gallery

This has been on my list for years and after seeing the V&A quilting exhibition I know I’ll be in for a treat. We did stop by here when we were driving through once only to find that it is closed on Sundays.

The National Railway Museum

I have heard so many great things about the National Railway Museum as a family day out. It houses an enviable collection of game changing engines including Mallard, Shinkansenand the Evening Star.

If you have a child who is in love with trains then this has to be the number one place to come. I have been to their sister site, Shildon, in County Durham which is another great spot to unleash your inner train spotter. What? We all have one, surely?

Jorvik Viking Centre

I think when we teach history to children it can often come across as if we were isolated from the rest of the world save for the odd invasion. Places like Jorvik bring to life not only our relationships with other nations but also the way they shaped our culture.

York’s medieval street plan and historic architecture are a great draw and create a feeling of being in a different time.

York Minster

There is no denying that the religious buildings dominate our old cities with their stature and architecture. I can’t resist the pull of such human achievement even if I am an atheist. You can climb the Cathedral tower to get a bird’s eye view of York and appreciate the building from above.

York Minster - image by michael_d_beckwith on flickr

York Minster – image by michael_d_beckwith on flickr

Walk the Walls

If you want to see York without shelling out for attractions a great place to start is by walking the walls. It will take you a couple of hours and give you the best view of the longest medieval walls in England, gates, towers and all.

The Web Adventure Park

As York is frequently part of a long and tedious drive for us I have The Web Adventure Park bookmarked as a place to run off the steam before being cooped up in the car. They have a range of activities from high wires to a climbing park for children. Definitely the place to come for those crazy legs to get a work out.

I was tipped off by Amanda about York’s chocolate credentials. They have an entire attraction devoted to telling the story of chocolate in York. Not only that but they also have a chocolate festival and market. Who’s up for an April meet in York?

So those are my seven wish list items for visiting York, where would you recommend?