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Consider This a Before

Katfit52 Before

I know; them’s fighting words.

This last year I have moved less and less. Between building websites and spending more time working at the computer I have little by little stopped moving all together. There have been times when I’ve stood up to get a drink and my legs felt wobbly. Or other times when I’ve been wrecked after a simple day out. Put simply: it wasn’t good.

So at the end of last year I decided to do something about it. I took advantage of a GP appointment for my asthma (big contributing factor, not been breathing well for a couple of years now) to ask her to refer me for exercise. It’s a simple programme whereby the patient (me) gets reduced gym rates and support through a 12 week fitness plan based on their goals.

Now, I might have been referred for obesity but my personal goals are fitness, endurance and strength. I have a blog conference to put on in less than four months and I want to be standing by the end of it rather than crumpled in a heap!

Sure, weight loss is, hopefully, going to come along with my fitness (believe me, I’d like to be able to fit into a wider selection of clothes) but it’s not what’s making me get up at seven in the morning.

I hadn’t planned to make this a series but after the wonderful support I received when I posted this photo to instagram I decided I really wanted to share what I’m up to. So Monday morning photo #2 went up and I decided I would commit to a year of exercise.

Consider this a before, I’m working on the after.