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Gallery Wall Obsession

I have been planning a gallery wall for a couple of years now (you know I’m not one to rush into decisions). Every time we run Collect the Moments and we talk about using your photos I’m reminded that I have precisely four photos of the children on my walls and yes, that does mean none of them are Betsy.

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I’ve been collecting frames for a while and pinning inspiring gallery walls on Pinterest. Our house doesn’t have a large wall space you can stand back from but Xanthe’s hall of fame (totally nicking the name) really appeals. We have a large wall running from the hall to the landing which is begging to be more interesting.

I have a lot of photos from my childhood which deserve some wall space and I’ll reflect the mix of colour and black and white in our family photos too.

I’m going to incorporate some art amongst the photos. We have several prints which haven’t been hung since we moved to this house so I will be mixing them in along with some new prints – perfect excuse to bring new art into the home.

I have been looking at the prints over at Minted for a while and I love the mix of artists they have. I am very lucky that in the middle of all of this planning they got in touch with me to ask if I would like to try their service (would I ever!) so I have a little extra budget towards buying my prints.

Minted Limited Edition Art Prints as seen on Housewife Confidential

I do love to basket dance and the range of Minted limited edition art prints has so many awesome prints that I’m a little spoiled for choice. These are a few of my favourites, which do you think will fit in with family photos?

What I really love about Minted is how they have indie artists front and centre. Artists are credited for their work and earn commission on every design sold. Designers can so often be anonymous in retail so this is the kind of business model I love.

Luckily for me you can order prints in different sizes to suit your space and pre-framed which I will be taking full advantage of.

I will keep you posted with my (glacial speed) progress. I am really looking forward to having more photos and art around the house.

Minted Limited Edition Art Prints - great for adding interest to your walls

Behind Closed Doors

That photo is for everyone who has ever sent me an email asking me how I ‘get it all done’. The truth is there are things I simply never get around to dealing with and they all end up in the spare room or attic. But no more!

The plan is that Mr Kat and I will have a proper home office in the attic room and Monty will move into the spare room to be joined by Betsy when she is ready to leave our room.

Of course before any of that can happen there are a lot of things to find new homes for. Quite a bit of it will need to be accommodated in the house (don’t ask me where) but the majority is going to leave the house one way or another. The attic formed part of our storage and as you can see I can barely get in there to photograph it at the moment.

I have spent this weekend sifting through the mass and listing items for sale on eBay. This week my mother is visiting to help us get through the clear out as quickly as possible. The aim is to create the office first and clear the spare room for decorating.

I am sad to see the baby things go if I am honest. We have pretty much every piece of equipment and clothing which has ever crossed our threshold and saying goodbye to it will give us our house back. Doesn’t make sorting the tiny babygrows to be passed on any easier though.

I know that with every goodbye there is a new chapter. It feels right to be opening that chapter now. To focus on our home and finally get around to many of those jobs which have been waiting five years for attention.

:: I am so excited about decorating these two spaces and breathing new life into our home.

:: I am excited about moving my workspace from the sofa to a desk.

:: I am excited about moving into the next stage of our life.

:: And I am excited about sharing all of this here, with you.