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I need quilty help!

I have made one or two simple quilted blankets over the last year. I had thought I was getting rather good at it but this weekend saw a catastrophe of sorts and I need some advice. My previous quilts were made using patched quilting cotton on top, linen or canvas as a backing and cotton batting. I made them by sewing the top and backing together and flipping them inside-out duvet style with the batting in the middle (mostly to avoid binding etc). I then stitched a border about an inch in and quilted along each of the patch lines.

Mr Kat was looking a little left out of all of the quilt action and so for Valentine’s I bought some fabric and promised him his own blanket. I used some Echino (linen cotton blend) and added some baby cord at either end for the top. I had a very fine woven fabric for the back and some wool/cotton mix batting (2 layers) to add some warmth. As the Echino was a sort of cheat’s quilt design I had planned to sew it up along the dividing lines. This is what happened when I started:

Can you see how it is all bunched and puckered? Not great! I know that I have me an appointment with the seam riper to undo my hopeless quilting but the question is: what next? Where did I go wrong? How should I quilt this project?

I have absolutely no real skills or knowledge so I am appealing to those of you who have taken the time to acquire them to help me sort out this horrible mess!

Vintage Lovliness


Sometimes, sometimes, vintage luck is on your side. I saw three metres of this gorgeous printed toweling and did a snatch and grab. My best ever find. Ever.