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Bags To School: Filming with Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston #BagsToSchool at Housewife Confidential

The start of a new term is filled with conflicting emotions. The thrill of new stationery and taking on a fresh term, the anticipation of things to come and the equal parts joy and sadness of our children stepping into the next stage of their lives.

Yes, there is something about the first day of school that makes me well up with overflowing emotions.

Cath Kidston #BagsToSchool

This summer we spent a day filming with team Cath Kidston to create their back to school campaign: #BagsToSchool. We started early and soon the house was filled with people working on the shoot. Despite my nerves the children did an incredible job and (for the most part) followed direction.

At lunch time lots of our village friends joined us to shoot the sequence at the school gates and all of the children worked so hard to execute the scene for every take. I love that so many children willingly gave up the first day of the holidays to help us out.

Cath Kidston BagsToSchool

For me Cath Kidston is one of those brands that taps into my nostalgic heart. I still have the very first item of hers I bought (a pencil case from The Hambledon back in the 90s) and I remember the joy of reviving prints which reminded me of my Grandmother’s house. I loved her products so much that Mr Kat’s best man obtained a message from her for our wedding day (got to love ribbon dealing weavers and their connections). For a long time I imagined buying Cath Kidston for my children and when the time came I decorated Milla’s bedroom with her paper – can you spot it in the video?

I’ll always feel a strong pull to Cath Kidston’s aesthetic and I am so grateful that we are now a small part of their story.

This video is such a lovely celebration of the first day of school and perfectly captures all the different emotions surrounding that morning including the big ploppy tears.

Also – OMG, how cute are this season’s bags? See more over at Cath Kids! If you have a Cath Kidston bag be sure to tag it with #BagsToSchool on Instagram and mention me (@thatkat) in the comments so I can check it out.

I will be sharing some back to school recipes over on the Cath Kidston blog in the next few weeks, I’ll let you know when the post is live.

Thank you to everyone involved and to all of my friends who helped. The other two bloggers featured are Katie and Kat and my dress is from Boden (because I know you’ll ask!)

Disclosure: We were compensated for our involvement in this campaign.