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Canon EOS 500D


I’ve spent the last few days snatching moments to play with my new toy. I have had my eye on a 50mm lens for a while as it is reputed to be amazing quality for very little expenditure. Even though my buddy Camilla often tells me it is not the camera, or the lens but the skill of the photographer I have still been hankering after this beauty for a while.

First and most obvious benefit is that it has a shallow focus meaning messy backgrounds are blurred and artful. It is also making me move with the light more than I would have to with my usual kit lens. The shot above looked terrible from every other angle (in terms of light, I know the peonies are on their last legs). The shot below was taken from the same angle at the same time of day with the difference being the sun is hitting the top of the (new) peonies. Not a perfect shot by any means but interesting how the background goes black (I always wondered how that worked).

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Bedtime Wandering

Each evening before bed we peer around our children’s door to make sure they are ok, as I’m sure you do too. Sometimes they need their covers settling over them or turning around from some contorted sleeping position. Last night when we checked, Milla was gone. Mr Kat came out of their room and said ‘She’s not in her bed.’ I smiled and rolled my eyes at the lump under our duvet but found nothing there when I pulled it back. For a minute or so we raced about the bedrooms looking into hidey holes and under beds until Mr Kat spotted her. Curled up at the end of Monty’s bed, wearing his t-shirt over her pyjamas, sound asleep.

*this picture was taken in near darkness, more power to my camera!

A Morning Walk

I have to admit to being head over heels in love with my new camera. It smells like cameras used to smell, it feels right in my hands and best of all I have taken one or two rocking photos. I had forgotten what it is like to zoom without waiting for a motor to do it for you – imagine that! I need to get a new neck strap pronto but otherwise happy days. After we dropped Milla off at play group this morning Monty and I went for a little walk. Want to join us?

Alliums outside play group.

Blossom on the path looked gorgeous but a bit weird photographed in focus. Cue my first venture in manual focus – handy that I was aiming for out of focus…

I will never get tired of dandelions.

The gate by the village church. Still not great at getting the horizon on my pictures straight. Quite annoying.

Leaning over the rails to take this picture of my feet gave me the willies – no other word for it.

I ventured out onto the private river bridge which is made of railway sleepers and looks both rickety and sturdy at the same time.


The corner of one of my ‘dream houses’ we could have a woodworm issue.

Monty entertaining himself. Definitely need to get my gloves out for some nettle foraging.

Could not believe my luck when we surprised this fellow. She hung around long enough for me to get a few good shots before heading for cover. There were herons on the river too which had me yearning for a telephoto lens already (nothing like wanting to run before you can walk).

Back home and our wall ‘weeds’ are a cheerful welcome.