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Win A Steam Iron with British Gas

Have you ever sat wondering if you switched off the oven/hair straighteners/iron or similar? Apparently this is called appliance anxiety and according to new research by British Gas up to 30 million of us could be stricken with the condition. Joking aside, I know I’m not alone in walking out the door and later fretting about not having flicked all the relevant switches.

What can you do about it? Well, British Gas themselves offer smart meters which help you keep track of what’s using energy. Not only will a quick glance at the screen tell you if you’ve switched off the dangerous appliances but it will also show you where you may be wasting energy. Prudent in these austere times.

To promote this British Gas are giving away a super fancy eco steam iron worth £76.60 to one lucky reader. It not only glides through the ironing with minimum energy but it will switch off if you forget to. I’m not one for ironing myself but I to wield a steam iron when sewing because then it is pressing and not a chore at all.

The competition is now closed and the winner has been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered. Kat xoxo

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is hop over to my Facebook page (‘sneak preview’ tab if not showing) and tell me which London landmark Milla and Monty are standing in front of.

Send your answer to: with the subject: London.

Technical: It is open to UK entrants only (or at least the prize can only be sent to UK postal addresses). The giveaway will remain open until 9am Friday 3rd February 2012 after which a winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Your details will not be shared with anyone unless you win then I will need to pass your address along for your prize to be sent. Prize is one Philips Azur Steam Iron. There is no cash alternative for this prize. Not open to family members.

Parenting Advice from Duncan Goodhew

Last weekend we travelled to Birmingham. Perhaps a little ill advised so close to Christmas but we were invited to attend the Flip Flop Flip for which I wrote a sponsored post recently. I’d got the wrong end of the stick about something and thought that Keri-Anne Payne and Rebecca Addlington were going to be at the event along with Duncan Goodhew – a lesson in skim reading!

Held at one of the Pools 4 Schools temporary pools which was situated in a school in Birmingham (which turned out to be the children’s great grandfather’s school – small world) British Gas released 1,000 flip flops into the water in a flip flop water lottery.

So the ladies weren’t there but as you can see, Duncan Goodhew was. I’ll admit to being a little awe-struck listening to him field questions from young swimmers. He has had some truly remarkable experiences and is an inspiring speaker.

After he and the other swimmers had signed autographs I had a couple of minutes to talk to him. With Rachel’s questions about motivation fresh in my mind that’s what I led with.

If you are looking to stay motivated, here is Duncan’s advice (paraphrased by me). Think about how you talk to yourself, listen to that internal voice and the things you are saying. Before you get in the water, or start the work out, take a moment to say how happy you are to be there and that you’re going to enjoy this session. Look at the way the light moves over the water, imagine you’re on holiday. Talk to yourself during, notice how well you’re moving through the water. When you’re finished say how much you enjoyed it because you’ll be filled with endorphins and you will feel great so take the time to feel it. It’s important to go to events like sponsored swims or races, to get that sweaty palm feeling of excitement, to have something to look forward to.

It’s interesting to hear Duncan speak about self-talk being an important part of motivation and enjoyment. I talk to a lot of parents both through my work as a childminder and via emails to this site asking for advice. One of the biggest themes I have noticed is the way parents speak about themselves and how harshly they judge what they are doing. When I posed this to Duncan this is what he had to say: When you’re worrying about history homework try imagining you are 80 years old and you’re sat with your child. What would you have wanted to give to them? A good sense of humour, resilience, a love of live, these are the things that are important. You want to have given your child the skills to live in the world and not just that but to be able to work with the world because that’s what’s important.

Wise words and worth holding on to in the tedious moments which pepper our lives. It is so easy to be lost in the moments of the day to day that we lose sight of our goals and aspirations. Next time I find myself feeling frustrated and fractious I’ll be taking a moment to remind myself of this conversation.

If you’d like to see some decent pictures of the event head over to see the British Gas Flip Flop Flip album.

Sponsored Post: Flip Flop Flip


The Flip Flop Flip is coming to Birmingham and you could be in with a chance to win prizes

British Gas Pools 4 Schools is an innovative scheme which takes swimming pools to areas of ‘aquatic deprivation’ (or places without swimming pools in other words) across the UK. It was the idea of Steve Parry an Olympic swimmer and aims to help teach children to swim 25 metres unaided by the time they reach the end of primary school.

With one in five children unable to meet the 25 metre mark and with this figure as high as four in five children in areas with limited pool access the need for a programme of swimming lessons quickly becomes apparent.

Not only do the temporary mobile pools provide free swimming lessons to schools but also other activities such as aqua aerobics and swimming time for the local community.

When I was a child our local pool burned down. We could see the fire from our house and we were taken out of bed to go and watch the flames. The rebuild after the fire took years and as a result I didn’t learn to swim until late on in my primary years. I most probably didn’t meet the 25 metre target and am still a reluctant swimmer to this day. While we were lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our area many children simply don’t have that opportunity.

In their first Pools 4 Schools year the British Gas initiative taught 100,000 lessons and took pools to over 160 schools teaching 10,000 non-swimmers to swim 10 metres unaided. That is no mean feat and the numbers are impressive. You can keep up to date with news and events through @BGSwimming on Twitter.

To celebrate their marvellous work British Gas are running the Flip Flop Flip on the 11th December 2011 in Birmingham. The event will see 1,000 re-used numbered flip flops launched into the pool to be retrieved by the British Gas BGR Swimming Team.


To take part in the flip flop lottery head over to their Facebook page where you can use their app to flip your flop and get your unique number. If your flip flop comes out of the pool on December 11th you could win one of the prizes which include VIP  tickets to the British Gas Swimming Championships in March, memberships to Nuffield Health Clubs and signed merchandise. You’ll need to be quick as there are only 1,000 flip flops up for grabs…