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Woodland Spring

Running through the woods.

Picking through the bluebells.

Building dens.

So much excitement to be had spending the day in the woods. The bluebells are out in full creating a blue haze beneath the trees. Deer crashed through the trees around us as Milla and Monty dashed about collecting sticks, exploring paths, climbing over logs, picking dandelions, making dens and just having the best time together.

Betsy and I relaxed on the picnic blanket listening to the birds and watching seeds skim through the air. It was so dreamy I shot a small clip so you could join us.

Bluebell Woods

Every day when we walk through the village spotting the bluebells Milla says to me: “And maybe Mama, we could go to the bluebell woods?” but for one reason or another there is always something else we are supposed to be doing.

We seem to be busy all of the time these days. So busy that when we want to arrange time with friends we have to book weeks in advance rather then on the spur of the moment. It irks me that we don’t seem to have much down time and it irks me more that this has led to friends feeling cross. So this week we have not made many plans beyond our usual round of play group, dancing and swimming. We will enjoy some quiet time as a family and prepare for Milla’s birthday party on Friday. Let’s hope we can add a couple more trips to the woods.

We spent the afternoon exploring one of my favourite local woods. These are woods I played in as a child and I am so happy to see my own children enjoy them. There seemed to be some kind of fantasy role play event on and the shouts and screams of strange green-faced youths punctuated the woodland sounds.

The woods were teaming with bees, let’s hope this is a positive sign of an increase in population.

Monty has found his feet and is intrigued by the natural world around him. If he could spend all day every day making marks on the ground with a stick then he most probably would.

We found quite a few bluebells which had been picked. I don’t know if it somehow worse to pick and then discard than to pick and keep but it was certainly sad to see so many lying around. It made me feel mad that people would be so disrespectful but not half as mad as this…