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33 Things I Have Learned


  1. The internet is the best toy ever.
  2. You don’t need to live the story other people wrote for you.
  3. When it comes to screws: lefty loosey, righty tighty.
  4. You might never feel like a grown up.
  5. My form tutor was right; I am a feminist. You probably are too.
  6. Feminism is a concern for people of all genders. Anyone who tries to tell you anything different or that it’s not needed is mistaken, stupid or both.
  7. The effort of making something yourself is always worth it (even if the results don’t measure up to your imagination).
  8. You’ll have more fun if you stop worrying about what you look like.
  9. Success is more than personal achievement and gain. I think to be truly successful you need to reach out and help other people reach their goals.
  10. If you find something you like to wear which fits well buy a second, it will be worth it.
  11. We are not so different. We may be separated by generations or location but the more I read of people’s lives the more I recognise my own feelings, hopes and fears.
  12. Kindness is a strength. It is so much harder to always be kind then I ever anticipated and kindness in itself lends strength to others. Being kind is worth it every time.
  13. Separate but different is a fraud.
  14. Worrying about what everybody else is doing bigger/better/faster/more of leads to nothing but compare and despair.
  15. Never trust someone who tries to tell you what to think.
  16. Stopping to smell roses is a good thing to do.
  17. There isn’t much which doesn’t feel better after a good long laugh with your friends.
  18. There isn’t much which can’t be solved by asking Twitter.
  19. There isn’t much you can’t clean with bicarbonate of soda.
  20. The worth of a woman is so much more than her appearance and sexual attractiveness.
  21. The mantra: this too shall pass is one to remember.
  22. If it’s not a HELL YES it’s a no.
  23. Self praise is no recommendation.
  24. There is nothing like working for yourself both in terms of fear and reward.
  25. You can be the things you dreamed of as a child.
  26. Except maybe a ballerina, you really aren’t cut out for that.
  27. The right thing to do isn’t always the easy thing to do.
  28. Kitchens were made for dancing.
  29. Once you have children that heart of yours will be forever wide open and all the beauty and kindness in the world will make you cry. Frequently.
  30. The stories of our lives are a beating heart of belonging. Tell the stories, savour them and pass them on.
  31. Sooner or later everything you learn comes in handy.
  32. Some people say that you only regret the things you didn’t do. I say to them that they clearly never owned a lilac shell suit.
  33. There is nothing like the last minute for getting things done. All the minutes that come before it are for surfing the internet.

And ALWAYS credit your sources. This was inspired by Ian Martin’s 60 thoughts about turning 60; some things I have learned in the last 33 years.

And Then We All Ate Cake

The beginning of March is a busy time around these parts. Late night baking and early morning celebrations abound.






Betsy’s party was an afternoon tea and dancing party. Nothing fancy, no trying to get one and two year olds to play games just a gentle gathering with lots of cake.





 Monty’s party was held in our favourite woods. They climbed trees, followed a Gruffalo trail, built dens, ate a good deal of yummies from the barbecue and went crazy for the pinata.






Yesterday we took ourselves off to the beach and Oceanarium. We met up with good friends, dug holes, marvelled at marine life and ate noodles. Lots of noodles.

All that partying takes its toll. If you need me I’ll be having a snooze on the sofa too…


because I know there will be questions: check my Wanties post last week for party gear. Betsy’s hairclips are from Peanut & Pip, Rainbow coats are from JuicyTots and Monty’s orange sweat pants are from Boys & Girls.

Long Weekending







With a massive four days off for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this past few days there has been a whole lot of weekending going on round these parts…

:: We visited Giffords Circus: the greatest circus on Earth. Seriously the best birthday treat I’ve ever had – thank you Amy!

:: Did a whole lot of scooting.

:: Managed a few minutes of sitting still for Mama to capture some portraits.

:: Began turning the spare room from this into a bedroom for Monty and Betsy (wallpaper is Whitby in Lido by the supreme purveyors of fine design: Mini Moderns).

:: Cruised the local street parties and watched a whole lot of Jubilee on TV.

:: Celebrated a fifth birthday – oh my! (Elephant candle is from The Pippa and Ike Show)

:: And Mama turned the kitchen table into a studio and shot a stop motion animation for Manual Overdrive – our latest Capturing Childhood course.

What did you get up to?



There is nothing quite like the blind excitement of a day all about you. Monty has been looking forward to his birthday party and the big chocolate cake he would have since before Solstice.

Do you recall the parties you had as a child? I do and I think I’m influenced by what stood out for me; not the children’s entertainers but the simple pleasures of running around, playing silly games and the party tea. I embrace these memories when I’m planning my children’s parties and stick to simple activities with lots of time for free play.

This Saturday we followed a Gruffalo (who had stolen our jammy dodgers), played in the park, ate sausages, got covered in chocolate cake crumbs and crowned a crazy-dance-musical-statues champion. Afterwards the family rode scooters and bikes and sang happy birthday to our youngest member.

A gathering which is almost a cause for celebration in and of itself. Family and friends taking time to show how much they love each other. Creating memories of sunny days which were so much fun you thought you might burst.