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Project Garden: Beach Hut Shed

Kat form Housewife Confidential gurning and painting a shed

Thank you to everyone who gave me advice about patios in the comments and on Twitter – you made me realise that it’s not a job to do on a whim when you have a spare couple of hours. We shall be planning the patio with more care and I will bring you a round-up of all of the great advice B&Q sent to me as well. I haven’t decided if we’ll do it this Autumn or wait for Spring now – advice on this welcome as always.

We have managed to complete on of our big projects which was to paint the shed. Oh the shed! Do you remember the first time I bemoaned its orangey-ness? I’ll help you out – that wee baby I’m holding is Betsy. Yep, nothing happens fast around here.


My big inspiration for the shed is from The beach huts which line the promenade in Lyme Regis. Their white and pastel combination is a classic and we wanted to turn our shed into something more care free.

I chose a white and blue combination and decided to go with a twist on traditional designs to give us a fresh feel.



To suppress the dreadful orange stain we used an oil-based primer and then an exterior satin wood paint as our top coat. There was a point when it looked like the stain was coming through but thankfully this disappeared as the primer dried. The satin paint went on like a dream and I’m really happy with the colour fidelity. Materials cost us about £50 including brushes and sand paper.

We split the job over two afternoons, first cleaning, sanding and priming the shed then once that was dry applying the top coat. We can only get to two of the shed walls which made it an even quicker job but a rough guide is it took about three hours for each part including all prep.

Want to see how it turned out? Take a look at the mini film below…

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