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The Dark Days

Hello! I have been reunited with my laptop cable and am longing to share my pictures with you.

School ran right up until Solstice this year so we kind of fell into the holidays, exhausted and in need of a recharge. Thankfully the rain gave us a reason to cosy up and slow down. Lazy mornings, pyjama days and delicious feasts.

After Christmas we headed up to Scotland to stay with Kat and her family.

Our visits together are normally a night or two at most so it was great to spend a little longer (although not long enough) hanging out together.

(Black & white images above edited with the Capturing Childhood Lightroom 4 Black & White Presets)

Our children took to communal living with enthusiasm and there is already talk of our next trip to Scotland.

I also got to go and meet a couple of my favourite bloggers Flannery O’Kafka in Glasgow and Amanda Kitschy Coo (below) in Edinburgh. Bittersweet in a way as I would have liked to talk to them both for at least three times as long as we had. Next time.

We made our reluctant way home having enjoyed the first proper break from working in the whole of 2012. 2013 already looks bright for the promise of more time dedicated to family, friends and feasting. Got to love the feasting.

Scotland, you did not disappoint.

Solstice Skies

Although the moment of Solstice is not until tonight I wanted to wish you all a very happy Solstice today. I hope the light brings you energy and you can take time out to breathe it all in.

Kat xoxo

My view is very different from last year. This past weekend the people who own the beautiful Black Poplar which overlooked our garden had it cut down. There may be more sky but I desperately miss seeing that wonderful tree at the end of my garden.

Eggs in the Woods

I love how traditions take hold with each year that passes. Without any prompting from us, Milla and Monty have been alive with talk of the annual spring egg hunt for days. And it would be simply impossible to hunt for eggs in the wood without the company of our very best friend Amy who started our tradition.


Not only do we hunt for eggs but Mama frantically tries to take close-ups of the eggs before they are discovered. Those children are fast!


Eventually, baskets full, they retire to a handy den to sit on logs and eat their haul. Chattering all the while about the sneaky chocolate-hiding bunny and sharing their news with one of their special people.


I do so love our little Spring tradition. How do you celebrate the season?

Midwinter Feast

I’m so enjoying being tucked up together, pottering around the home and getting very little done.

We had a Midwinter feast on Sunday with a rather splendid goose centre stage. I whipped up an experimental sauce of rhubarb and cranberry to accompany it and it was so amazing I will be writing it up for you. Goose is an absolute delight to have around for leftovers and it makes an almighty good Rogan Josh.

I am soaking up these precious days of nothingness and food in the same way I soak up the last of the warm sun. I think I’ll need them to sustain me in the next few months.