Strange Fruit

I had so much fun reading all of the fruity guesses which came in last week. There are so many fruits which I never knew existed.

But after much googling on your part and many guesses both serious and silly it is time to reveal that it is, in fact, not ‘some kind of massive fat apple’ (Bec), a papple or even the brilliantly named winter banana apple but an old classic:


Sweetly scented and a complete pain in the wrist to cut. We have a tree I planted the year we moved in outside our back door which produced two beauties this year. Well done to everyone who got it right!

I have emailed the giveaway winner and will be making up a surprise package over the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to everyone who liked the facebook page. I had so much fun I think we should play this game again when the liker-counter creeps up to three hundred.

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