Salsa Verde Recipe

I have been planning to put this recipe on the blog for a few weeks after a conversation with Nick when we were discussing the perfect accompaniment to calamari. For me there is nothing better than the piquant full flavour of salsa verde to cut through the richness of the fried crispy squid.

As I am hosting Forever Nigella this month I thought I would make calamari my entry and add my alternative side. It feels like I’m all about recipes at the moment which is probably a reflection of my returning creativity post-pregnancy.

Rather than chop by hand and leave the texture coarse I like to blend it so it is a loose, smooth dipping consistency.

Salsa Verde

1 large* bunch of flat leaf parsley

1 small* bunch of basil

1 small bunch of mint

3 – 4 small gherkins

1 heaped tbsp capers

4 – 6 anchovy fillets ( adjust amount to taste but never be tempted to use the oil, adds too much salt to the mix)

2 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

100ml (ish) extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

Freshly ground black pepper

  • Pick the herb leaves and pop them into your blender.
  • Add the gherkins, capers, anchovies, garlic and mustard.
  • Glug in a little of the olive oil to give some lubrication.
  • Time to get busy with the whizzy (can’t help myself). You may need to pulse the blender before it will get going and once it does blend to a medium fine consistency.
  • Stir in your oil and vinegar a little at a time tasting as you go.
  • Once you have the balance of flavours you want and a nice loose texture it is ready to serve.

*either supermarket versions of large and small or small = half size of large.

Perfect with calamari (chop up a squid into rings, coat in seasoned flour and fry in oil for a minute or two but no more) as a tasty weeknight supper.

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  • Reply Sarah, Maison Cupcake May 29, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    This looks super! I love the view down the KitchenAid blender!

    • Reply Kat May 29, 2011 at 4:00 pm

      Thanks, not as much camera splat as I feared :)

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