Project Garden: Flower Pots


With the onset of Spring, Project Garden is back in action and while Mr Kat is busy building something (more on that soon!) the children have been planting flowers.

B&Q have brought out a new system for growing bedding plants which eliminates polystyrene, cuts out peat and uses recycled plastics. Wowee guys, full marks for effort there. It’s called easyGrow and it makes use of Teabag Technology to deliver these improvements.

easyGrow in Store

We headed to our local store and picked up a few trays to brighten up our doorstep. The children took charge of planting and here is the video they made…

If you can’t see the embedded videos please click through to Housewife Confidential.

While I’m showing videos – how much do you love their new ad campaign? I’ve got the power!

With thanks to B&Q for supporting Project Garden. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

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