Ozeri Gen II Digital Bathroom Scale

This is a review post written by me with links to Ozeri products on Amazon. Ozeri provided a bathroom scale for review. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

Since Monty threw our bathroom scales into the bath a few years ago we have not had a set. I haven’t missed them but ensuring my weight doesn’t creep up further has not been easy.

Our new scales are terrifyingly modern: it’s sleek glass and brushed metal but the truly mind boggling feature is that it tells you your % of body fat. Having become pretty used to my weight adding my body fat % into the mix is a real wake-up call. It measures body fat and hydration using a weak electric current sent through your body – no amount of leaning on the towel rail will fool that. That’s not it’s only trick – it will remember up to users and let them know if there have been any changes.

They are a thing of beauty and wonder. Despite the technology and style they come in at an average price – the RRP is £69 but they are currently retailing for under £35 on Amazon as part of the Ozeri range.


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