Nightly Fire

Welcome December and afternoons so dark and cold that there is nothing for it but to snuggle in front of the fire. Of my plans for late Autumn we managed all but the planting (and now no hope as the ground is frozen solid). The theatre was magical, the lantern parade as gorgeous as ever and there will be more on the crafternoon soon.

I really feel I should be busying myself with activity for the coming celebrations but am finding that my creative energy is in short supply. And what energy there is has a will of its own. So while I spend whole afternoons creating culinary surprises for my friends, the weight of what needs to be done is forgotten. I am sure what must be done will be done and the little extras, well, what harm can they do?

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  • Reply Rosaleen December 25, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Your beautiful log burning stove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How lovely!

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