Looking After Your Back with the BCA

Last week we headed up to London to attend an event with the British Chiropratic Association (BCA). Having had issues with my back all of my life and severely in pregnancy I’m always interested in taking advice.

I’m sure I’m not alone in treating by back with little regard and as parents we put more strain on ourselves when not considering our backs when buying equipment or going about our daily lives. Cots which cause you to lean in, pushchairs which are too low and simply bending to lift our children all adds up.

I spoke to Louise on the day who is a chiropractor and writes a really useful Healthy Backs blog. She had lots of great advice both for selecting equipment and for protecting your back. Here are some of her tips:

  • Muscle tone is everything: stay fit and do exercise which strengthens your core and back like pilates.
  • Use one leg to balance when bending and lifting. It will also reduce the stretch through your spine and legs.
  • When carrying heavy objects (think car seats) keep them close and central.
  • Keep your spine from twisting.
  • Try out baby equipment before buying – drop sides on the cot, well positioned handles on the pram and car seats which are easy to get children in and out of.
  • Set up your work station so you are sitting straight rather than hunched over (I am so guilty of this one).

Lots to think about and there are many more tips for positive posture on Louise’s blog.

For me, I’m still recovering my core strength after pregnancy and leaving SPD behind. My next step is going to be looking for a pilates class so I can prevent future back problems.

Many thanks to the BCA for hosting us at their event.

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