Curtain Solution for a Roof Window

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We have a roof window in our bedroom. The original window was filled in years ago when previous owners added a third bedroom and at the same time they installed a large VELUX roof window.

Initially I wasn’t sure if I would take to it but with acres of sky to gaze at and no need to worry about neighbours seeing in I’m a fan.

Roof Window Curtains

Our window is fitted with a blackout blind which is my BFF. As it’s flush in the frame pulling down the blind is like dropping instant night powder and you can guarantee a long and natural sleep with no interruptions from the sun.

I decided to install curtains for the window to allow me to shield the room from sun without completely blacking it out.

The previous owners had used curtain poles and full length curtains which they draped over the bottom pole. I decided to create a custom curtain which would be fixed to two poles and fit the window without falling across the wall.

Making curtains like these for a roof window is pretty simple and the key is to measure, measure, measure and measure again to make sure you have got it right.

To sew these curtains I followed the normal method for measuring and sewing a curtain but added a second length of curtain tape to the bottom edge. I left them unlined as the main aim is to allow light through.

When it came to hanging them, we hung the top pole, fitted the curtains to both pols and then took our marks for drilling the second pole by holding the whole curtain/pole combo to the bottom edge. This gave us the perfect tension across the curtain.

I like the effect of having curtains on my roof window although having seen the range of blinds from VELUX I am tempted to add a combination blackout blind and shade when our blind is ready to be replaced.

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