My friends and I often joke that our children are child geniuses. Well they are joking I, on the other hand, am clearly the mother of a super brain like no other before.

Here’s an example: yesterday we were playing in the garden when Milla spontaneously counted to five. Almost dumb struck I asked her what came next and she counted the rest of the way to ten. Child. Genius. Fact.

This morning I was recounting my amazement to Mr Kat and asked Milla if she would count for Papa. This is how it went:

Milla: One, two, three, cow, five!

Me: Ok…what’s next?

Milla: Lion.

Mr Kat: We’ll save Mensa until she’s three shall we?

Me:  Or maybe even cow.

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  • Reply Metropolitan Mum June 4, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks for stopping by. Nice blog you have! And apparently a very smart daughter. Though mine is a TRUE genius ;-)

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