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This post is an advert, a paid partnership with Jet2. 

Jet2 asked me to explore their destinations for my favourite romantic getaways. 

For more about this post please read my disclosure for readers.

While others may reach for flowers and chocolates to accompany their sweet nothings, what I yearn for is an invitation to head for the airport and a whirlwind of new sights and smells.

I’ve been searching Jet2 flights and imagining hopping over the channel for a few days of balmy sunshine and gentle wandering. The kind of days which start slowly and take you on unexpected adventures.

Jet2 fly from many airports around the UK including Birmingham and Stansted which are closest to me. You can book flights only or holidays and city breaks across Europe.

But where to go with a continent at your fingertips?

My first thought is to find somewhere with perfect green seas. An island paradise far in the south where rocky shores give way to glittering waters. Malta is the kind of place you can really unwind and let the thrill of swimming in the salty waves take hold again.

My first trip here was as a teenager, trekking down through Italy to visit a friend. We spent the nights partying in Valletta and the days lying like seals on the rocks, shading our eyes from the sun. If I chose this for our romantic escape I’d want to explore the history, get lost in the ancient streets and watch the daredevils jump from the cliffs.

These days one of the first places I think of off-season is Mallorca. Having spent many happy holidays there as a family and one blissful few days with my bestie I know it well. It’s a friendly island rich in scenery and culture which sucks you in and deserves it’s beloved holiday status.

We’d drive out on the twisty roads through the mountains and have lunch at the little place by the seafront and then watch the sun set in Soller.

But perhaps that’s too obvious. Maybe we should try a Jet2 Holiday and let them take care of us so we can focus on discovering somewhere new.

I’d pick Prague, somewhere completely different from our usual trips. Packed with beautiful architecture and interesting indie shops to explore. We’d amble around the streets, stopping far too frequently for me to take photos or stop in cafes to people watch.

I’m into the idea of Czech food – schnitzel, cabbage, dumplings, goulash and clebicek are all on my list to try. At this time of year the temperature is on the chilly side – the perfect excuse to eat heartily and retire for a cosy evening in.

Of all the destinations that spring to mind when I start planning a romantic trip one wins out over everywhere else.


It captured my heart before I’d even set foot in Italy and it’s where I fell in love with travelling. The last time I came here was for our tenth wedding anniversary, the first time we’d left the children to snatch a weekend to ourselves.

Rome doesn’t change much, it’s status as the Eternal City being fairly won. While the volume of tourists can be overwhelming there’s something about it which makes you feel like there’s nobody else in the world but you and the city. Each corner reveals a new wonder both familiar and brand new at once.

Take me to Rome and we’d feast on museums in the morning, walk through the cool gardens of Villa Borghese in the afternoon and slurp pasta in a lively side street after dark. We could hire a Vespa and whip around the city like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, carefree and without a second thought for our everyday lives.

So if you’re going to forego the tired old Valentine’s gifts and build the kind of memories which will carry you through the year this is where I’d go. How about you?

All images thanks to Unsplash.

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