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Curry with the Girls

This article is a review of services from JUST EAT. They funded an obscene amout of delicious curry in return for my opinion. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

Rimjhim Winchester-1

This year I have been making the effort to reconnect with my social life. Every time I talk about this I get tweets from other people who made dates with their friends – what a fabulous ripple effect!

One of my favourite rituals is a regular curry night with my antenatal buddies. Rather than going out on the town we take it in turns to host a takeaway night.

Much as I love going out, staying in with good friends is just that bit more comfortable. You can wear what you like, chat as loudly as you please and there is no waiting for someone to bring out the drinks (pet peeve of going out). Bingo – works for me!

Recently JUST EAT asked if they could provide the food for one of our curry nights if I would tell you all about it. Win-win as far as I’m concerned.

One of the issues with getting together for a takeaway is that if you wait until everyone has arrived to order it is a loooong wait for the curry. We normally email out the menu and choose in advance although you would not believe how hard finding the menu can be on some websites.

Using JUST EAT was a piece of cake. It has full menus for several Indian takeaways in our area (we ordered from Rimjhim in Winchester) and you simply check the box beside each item to order. Yup, it’s that simple. No reading back through lists confirming that it’s all there, you can double check, confirm and send. Best of all you can pick your delivery time. I did confuse the restaurant by placing our order at 4pm so they called to check I really did want to wait four hours for my delivery.

In terms of food we are spoiled in Winchester and I have enjoyed meals from most Indian restaurants featured on JUST EAT over the years.

I ordered chicken dhansak with lemon rice which is a favourite of mine. The dish is a delicious mix of sweet and sour flavours with a thick lentil sauce. Depending on which chef is cooking it varies in heat from medium to hot. I like the variation, it gives me the impression that the chefs aren’t just following a chain-style recipe card. Mr Kat and I always split a curry and rice as the portions are large (it’s his reward for making himself scarce for the evening).

Would I use it again? Almost certainly. I like to be organised when it comes to group catering and so this method really appeals to my type-A tendancies.

Thanks JUST EAT for a great night in!


Easy Gormet Barbecue


This is a review post based on my experiences ordering from Bespoke Offers. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

My friends have long since stopped being surprised at the things I do in the name of my blog. A couple of weeks ago I posted a shout out for barbecue buddies after receiving a box stuffed with a grilling feast.

We were sent a Hello Fresh BBQ box but rather than pay the £65 a box for 8 – 10 people ours cost just £39. The 40% discount is down to it being snapped up on Bespoke Offers where you can find a wide range of offers including  food, beauty, travel and kids.

The voucher to order system was pretty straight forward and only added a minute or two to the process which is pretty good for a 40% saving.

Checking out their offers today I spy a three course meal deal with Pizza Express as well as an SEO seminar, massages, paint-balling and daffodil bulbs.

I was a little dubious about the premise of making recipes from the Hello Fresh box – after all, couldn’t I just go out and gather all of this myself? Except I rarely do. Truth is, pre-children I would have been researching, prepping and cooking for days before a summer barbecue. Not so much now.

It was really fun to lay out the recipe cards and get to work. The great thing about the box was that every ingredient, no matter how small, is right there in front of you so you can get on with the prep.

The food was tasty and the recipes were easy to follow (the children made the veggie kebabs). I loved that their meat came from a London butcher and that they were supporting artisan producers. We had nine of us and yet there was way more food than we needed.

Would I order from either of them again? Absolutely. The deal was a good one and the food was great.

Beautiful Photobooks from Cewe

This is a review of my experiences creating and ordering a photobook with Cewe. Most of the cost was covered. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

I am terrible at getting my pictures printed – seriously bad. Making photobooks is on my list of things I should do but honestly it seems like this massive task and the longer I leave it the more pictures there are. Luckily for me the offer of trying our Cewe’s photobook service coincided with a family outing.

Cewe’s photobook design software downloads to your computer and you create your books from the desktop.

You can let the software autofill your book or you can create the layout page by page yourself. I had a particular vision in mind so I opted to do it the long way which was pretty painless. You can make it easier for yourself by having all of the pictures in one folder.

I really loved that I could use the custom fonts I have on my computer – this fact alone makes a Cewe book about a gazillion times better than any other similar service I have tried.

The things I loved:

  • Using my own fonts
  • Picture-wrap cover
  • Flexible layouts
  • Book template saved on your hard drive
  • Overall quality and service

The things which irked me:

  • Accidentally applying a layout to the whole book and having to go back through and re-do my work
  • Not knowing which picture size to use – most of mine got cropped with no shrink-to-fit option that I could find

The real test is would I order from them again: the answer is yes. I was really happy with the book and more importantly so was the recipient who completely loved it.

Mama’s Mustardy Leather Satchel

This is a shopping review post written by me with links to Achica. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

I’m going through something of a wardrobe overhaul at the moment. I’m acknowledging that if I wear clothes on a daily or weekly basis then it is completely ok for me to invest in good quality in the first place. I may be buying second hand or fewer items in total but what is coming into my wardrobe is intended to last.

Recently Achica contacted me to ask if I would like to go shopping on their site with a voucher (of course I would). The very first sale that caught my eye was for leather satchels from Bohemia. When it comes to flash sales sites timing can be everything and with mere hours left on the sale I wasn’t in the mood to wait and see if an even more tempting offer came up – that satchel was going to be mine!

With a tasty discount off the retail price and a generous voucher the cost of the bag was mostly covered. The great (and possibly addictive) thing about flash sales is you always feel like you’re the winner with design led goodies at tempting prices.

Despite the three weeks’ wait advised at the time of purchase it arrived within a couple of weeks with a delivery notification so I knew to expect it. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that opening it was pure joy –  the smell of the leather, the first glimpse of the mustard… It’s everything you could dream of in a bag; substantial and stylish. It has room for my camera, the usual child things you end up carrying around and a bit more. The long, adjustable strap crosses my body comfortably, which is an absolute necessity for me. All in all it’s beautiful quality and design which is exactly what I associate with Achica sales.