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Curtain Solution for a Roof Window

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We have a roof window in our bedroom. The original window was filled in years ago when previous owners added a third bedroom and at the same time they installed a large VELUX roof window.

Initially I wasn’t sure if I would take to it but with acres of sky to gaze at and no need to worry about neighbours seeing in I’m a fan.

Roof Window Curtains

Our window is fitted with a blackout blind which is my BFF. As it’s flush in the frame pulling down the blind is like dropping instant night powder and you can guarantee a long and natural sleep with no interruptions from the sun.

I decided to install curtains for the window to allow me to shield the room from sun without completely blacking it out.

The previous owners had used curtain poles and full length curtains which they draped over the bottom pole. I decided to create a custom curtain which would be fixed to two poles and fit the window without falling across the wall.

Making curtains like these for a roof window is pretty simple and the key is to measure, measure, measure and measure again to make sure you have got it right.

To sew these curtains I followed the normal method for measuring and sewing a curtain but added a second length of curtain tape to the bottom edge. I left them unlined as the main aim is to allow light through.

When it came to hanging them, we hung the top pole, fitted the curtains to both pols and then took our marks for drilling the second pole by holding the whole curtain/pole combo to the bottom edge. This gave us the perfect tension across the curtain.

I like the effect of having curtains on my roof window although having seen the range of blinds from VELUX I am tempted to add a combination blackout blind and shade when our blind is ready to be replaced.

Visiting York

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York - image by bethmoon527 on flickr.

York – image by bethmoon527 on flickr.

Despite having family in Yorkshire and in York itself I have never been into the town itself. Completely shocking, I know.

I had planned to set this straight with a visit when I was in town for a wedding but I must have eaten the wrong thing as I was catastrophically sick as we drove into the city. That said, I do have plans for a day out in York and every intention of making time for them on our next Yorkshire trip.

National Railway Museum - image by doctorjbeam on flickr.

National Railway Museum – image by doctorjbeam on flickr.

York is rather spoiled for museums and the big three we would like to visit are:

The Quilt Museum & Gallery

This has been on my list for years and after seeing the V&A quilting exhibition I know I’ll be in for a treat. We did stop by here when we were driving through once only to find that it is closed on Sundays.

The National Railway Museum

I have heard so many great things about the National Railway Museum as a family day out. It houses an enviable collection of game changing engines including Mallard, Shinkansenand the Evening Star.

If you have a child who is in love with trains then this has to be the number one place to come. I have been to their sister site, Shildon, in County Durham which is another great spot to unleash your inner train spotter. What? We all have one, surely?

Jorvik Viking Centre

I think when we teach history to children it can often come across as if we were isolated from the rest of the world save for the odd invasion. Places like Jorvik bring to life not only our relationships with other nations but also the way they shaped our culture.

York’s medieval street plan and historic architecture are a great draw and create a feeling of being in a different time.

York Minster

There is no denying that the religious buildings dominate our old cities with their stature and architecture. I can’t resist the pull of such human achievement even if I am an atheist. You can climb the Cathedral tower to get a bird’s eye view of York and appreciate the building from above.

York Minster - image by michael_d_beckwith on flickr

York Minster – image by michael_d_beckwith on flickr

Walk the Walls

If you want to see York without shelling out for attractions a great place to start is by walking the walls. It will take you a couple of hours and give you the best view of the longest medieval walls in England, gates, towers and all.

The Web Adventure Park

As York is frequently part of a long and tedious drive for us I have The Web Adventure Park bookmarked as a place to run off the steam before being cooped up in the car. They have a range of activities from high wires to a climbing park for children. Definitely the place to come for those crazy legs to get a work out.

I was tipped off by Amanda about York’s chocolate credentials. They have an entire attraction devoted to telling the story of chocolate in York. Not only that but they also have a chocolate festival and market. Who’s up for an April meet in York?

So those are my seven wish list items for visiting York, where would you recommend?

Joules Wellies

This is an advertorial post written by me with links to Joules. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

I love functional items that have a bit of personality and quite how it took so long for wellies to make the leap from standard issue green to full on colour is beyond me. Joules Wellies have been a long term favourite of mine.

Like a child staring in through a toy shop window, each season I salivate over the new designs just in case my existing pairs suddenly start to leak. It is almost a tragedy that they are so sturdy but if you drop serious cash on a pair of wellington boots you want to know they are going to last and mine certainly aren’t showing any sign of giving way after five years of use.


If you’re anything like me narrowing down your choice to just one pair might prove tricky. Above are my favourite styles from the current collection. I’m glad they have added expandable sides as not everyone has slim calves!

I am a bit of a sucker for prints on boots (ok, prints on everything) and the green pair (top right) with their stripy magenta lining are my top choice. The glossy boots (top left & bottom right) look incredibly smart and no-nonsense. The tie detail boots (bottom left) are wildly decadent – in my mind I’m wearing them with a flowing skirt whilst feeding the chickens in my orchard. It could happen.


Welliebobs are my absolute must have for rainy school runs. I’ve had a pair for a couple of years (you can see them in this post) and they are brilliant for pulling on as you run out the door. As they have a faux fur lining you don’t strictly need socks which I love.

Am I alone or are you secret wellie fanciers too?

Experience Mad: Making Dreams Come True

There are many great privileges in life and one is making dreams come true for people you love. I have known my best friend for over twenty years and almost as long as I have known her she has dreamt of going in a hot air balloon. Hopefully I will be making the dream come true for her with a little help from Experience Mad.

Experience Mad is a site where you can buy experience vouchers for crazy things like single seater driving experiences or Aston Martin experience and of course hot air balloon rides. The site allows you to browse experiences by type and each displays the available locations. Narrowing down your choices might be tough though…

I’m hoping to be on the ground when the day of the flight arrives and to have some beautiful balloon shots for you. Many thanks to Experience Mad for helping me make this happen!