Beautiful Photobooks from Cewe

This is a review of my experiences creating and ordering a photobook with Cewe. Most of the cost was covered. For more information about this kind of post please read my disclosure for readers page. Kat xoxo

I am terrible at getting my pictures printed – seriously bad. Making photobooks is on my list of things I should do but honestly it seems like this massive task and the longer I leave it the more pictures there are. Luckily for me the offer of trying our Cewe’s photobook service coincided with a family outing.

Cewe’s photobook design software downloads to your computer and you create your books from the desktop.

You can let the software autofill your book or you can create the layout page by page yourself. I had a particular vision in mind so I opted to do it the long way which was pretty painless. You can make it easier for yourself by having all of the pictures in one folder.

I really loved that I could use the custom fonts I have on my computer – this fact alone makes a Cewe book about a gazillion times better than any other similar service I have tried.

The things I loved:

  • Using my own fonts
  • Picture-wrap cover
  • Flexible layouts
  • Book template saved on your hard drive
  • Overall quality and service

The things which irked me:

  • Accidentally applying a layout to the whole book and having to go back through and re-do my work
  • Not knowing which picture size to use – most of mine got cropped with no shrink-to-fit option that I could find

The real test is would I order from them again: the answer is yes. I was really happy with the book and more importantly so was the recipient who completely loved it.

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