Disclosure for Readers

A little about products and disclosure:

From time to time I will talk about products or books that interest me. It most likely it is something I have gone out and got for myself. These days I am offered many products by companies looking for blog coverage. I accept very few of these offers as, on the whole, they are not suited to our family.

Any post which is purely about a product, event, service or in any other way commercial will be published in the reviews and sponsored section to ensure transparency. While some of these things may cross over into our regular life and be mentioned on the main blog you can be assured that I will always mention the relationship as detailed below.

This blog is a personal record of my family life and while the kinds of situations described are few it is necessary for me to be clear about how I work. I value each and every reader who visits this space and takes the time to share a little of our life. I will always be honest and transparent when it comes to writing about products, services or anything else I may have experienced. I can’t say I’ll always be honest about doing the housework but some things never change.

Companies wishing to contact me should read my PR & Advertising for further guidance.

Terms to describe this kind of content and how it is handled on Housewife Confidential:

  • Review: If I am talking about something which a company has sent me free of charge (with the hope I will like it and write about it) I will state: ‘I was sent’ when I write about the product. If it is not labelled in this way assume I bought it. I only accept products I would genuinely appreciate or have bought myself. As a general rule you will only find this kind of post in the reviews and sponsored section.
  • Brought to you by: This is a post which has been sponsored by a company which is written and edited by me. These posts will often be in the main section of the blog as they are the posts I would have been writing anyhow.
  • Sponsored Post: This is a post which has been paid for by a company and will contain certain information they want to convey. It would be labelled ‘sponsored’ ‘advertorial’ or ‘promotional’ in the title (like an advertorial in a magazine). As a general rule you will only find this kind of post in the reviews and sponsored section although they might be on the front page for a limited time before moving to R&S.
  • Sponsored Guest Post: This is a post written by a company specifically for Housewife Confidential. These posts are paid for as I am allowing them to write in my space. I retain copy approval on guest posts so if I don’t like it, I don’t publish it. As a general rule you will only find this kind of post in the reviews and sponsored section.
  • Sponsored by: If a company wanted to sponsor my endeavours (sewing, decorating, using new cameras, fitting a new kitchen or similar) by sending me products to use in posts which are not paid for I would label it as ‘sponsored by’ at the foot of the post to credit their involvement.
  • Sponsored Link: A link which appears on my blog because they have paid for it to be included. Would either be in the sidebar or in a post and labelled as ‘sponsored link’.
  • Affiliate Link: This is a link to a product which, if you buy either the product or from the shop, I will get a small percentage of the sale. I am a member of the Amazon affiliate scheme and all of my links to Amazon are affiliate links. They are not labelled individually but you will see a reminder in the sidebar.
  • Competition: a game involving a level of skill with a prize for the winner. Often I will accept competition prizes which I think will be of benefit to my readers. Occasionally I am paid to host one of these competitions.


Housewife Confidential accepts advertising in the form of button adverts displayed on the right of the page. I can offer other positions in addition to this, please ask for details.

I personally vet companies who approach me to advertise. As companies are advertising in my space I am keen that they reflect my ethics, taste and ideals.

This is a personal blog and the content is an account of our family life. I appreciate every single reader who visits this space and shares our journey. Like many families we are finding times tough and appreciate the support offered by advertisers.