Disclosure for Readers

A little about products and disclosure:

This blog is first and foremost based on my opinion and values. When I take on work or talk about any product you know it is because I would use it myself and think that you would be interested in it. Plain and simple, I wouldn’t share something I didn’t believe in personally.

I value each and every reader who visits this space and takes the time to share a little of our life. I will always be honest and transparent when it comes to writing about products, services or anything else I may have experienced. I can’t say I’ll always be honest about doing the housework but some things never change.

Companies wishing to contact me should read my PR & Advertising for further guidance.

Terms to describe this kind of content and how it is handled on Housewife Confidential:

  • AD: An ad post will either be paid for in money, goods or services and require me to post about them and may contain specific messaging from the brand. Posts which relate to my own businesses will also be disclosed as ads so you can identify times when I might be advertising a product or service which I offer outside of this site.
  • Affiliate Link: This is a link to a product which, if you buy either the product or from the shop, I will get a small percentage of the sale. You will always see a disclosure of affiliates before you get to the link. Affiliates may be labelled with ad in addition to affiliate.
  • Review: If I am talking about something which a company has sent me free of charge (with the hope I will like it and write about it) I will state: ‘I was sent’ when I write about the product. If it is not labelled in this way assume I bought it. I only accept products I would genuinely appreciate or have bought myself.  Where a brand has sent me a product or service and required that I post about it this is classed as an ad and will be labelled as such.
  • Competition: a game involving a level of skill with a prize for the winner. Often I will accept competition prizes which I think will be of benefit to my readers. Occasionally I am paid to host one of these competitions in this instance it would be labelled as an ad.
  • Legacy Terms: These terms have been used in the past but are not used currently. All refer to paid or ad content either bought directly with money or in kind with services – brought to you by, sponsored post, sponsored guest post, sponsored by, sponsored link. On the whole these have been removed or replaced but some may remain.


Housewife Confidential accepts advertising and places affiliate adverts in the sidebar of this site. These are displayed under the heading ‘ads’.