Weekend Blog Love


It has been far too long since I last took you on a little trip into my blog reader. Having received a couple of gentle nudges from readers I’ve collected a few of the blogs which have caught my eye this week.



This Little Soul

Anne Wick is a photographer who has an eye which  greatly admire.

Her posts may not be frequent but when they come the images are guaranteed to inspire.

Besides her blog go take a look at her professional portfolio then pick up your camera and find something or someone to capture.




Sunny + Scout

Lou’s blog is as full of colour and daily joy as her blog design.

An Aussie Mama to two (soon to be three), Lou’s documentation of their lives is seeped in happiness.

I am loving her maternity series where each week she has a different friend or family member photograph her and her growing bump.


Birdie and Bear

Donna Wilson is a long-term design hero of mine and I’m completely overjoyed to hear she has recently become a Mama.

Along with her gorgeous son, Donna has started a new blog to record children’s finds.

Loving her DIY apple sweater and can’t wait for more.


Mummy Limited

My friend Emily is one of the people who has been nudging me to write the latest installment in Weekend Blog Love. I thought you might like to meet her.

Emily makes herself unforgettable by gathering together her favourite shows from Radio 4 and brings them to your attention. This lady is the reason I’m not missing series two of In and Out of the Kitchen (you have to listen).

Besides useful radio announcements she is a talented crochet hooker and made some amazing decorations for Christmas. I happen to know she’s working on some new designs for Spring…


Who is lighting up your reader this weekend?

Please feel free to add your current favourite in the comments – I’m a sucker for a great blog!

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