The Wanties: Desktop Love

Having recently carved out my own little space for working I spy an opportunity for some office-related wanties…

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1. I’ve been thinking about a light for my desk and while I love the classic Anglepoise there simply isn’t the space for one. The object of my affection is a Klimoppe by Studio Snowpuppe. A wall lamp with no need for rewiring is perfect for a space-starved office like mine. Well, in honesty, it’s perfect for any space. Love the textile flex, smooth wood and origami shade, yes, this is a serious case of the wanties!

2. Lest we start taking ourselves too seriously, this print by Parada Creations should remind you how ridiculous it sounds.

3. I have been in love with Sharpies since I began working at Starbucks as a teenager. There is no finer marker pen in my opinion and a rainbow of them is a treat saved for brainstorming new ideas.

4. Organisation is the thing when it comes to your desktop. I’m not one for the muti-tube pencil tidy. I am one for the Uten.Silo this is a classic piece of design which would make staying tidy a daily joy.

5. My new BFF is this weekly planner pad from Lollipop. Seeing my week and the deliverables within it laid out is actually a whole less stressful than keeping a regular old to-do list. Mine’s looking a bit dog-eared from being well loved so would be keen to see a desk edition with slightly heavier paper.

6. What’s the best thing about working in an office? That’s right: access to the stationery cupboard. In order to fill this gaping hole in my home working fulfilment I buy my pens in boxes of ten – the decadence! I could not be without my favourite pens: the Edding 55. They look good, they feel good and I always have a little stock of them snaffled away.

7 & 8. If you’re not even mildly obsessed by washi tape then you are a stronger person than I. Known as Mama’s special tape in this house I have quite the stash of washi goodness. My desk is need of a little washi organisation and I am loving both the two-tone washi cutter and this wooden washi tape dispenser.

Who could fail to get to work with these lovelies?

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