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Postcards from Salt Lake City

Plane over Salt Lake City

I’ve been out here in Salt Lake City since Wednesday and I am having the best time.

I was a little nervous about travelling alone, having never left the country on my own. What I found out is that it’s loads of fun to make a trip alone because you have no choice but to meet people. From conversations struck up in the airport to staying in an Airbnb; I’ve spent this week open to new connections.

Salt Lake City is beautiful, surrounded by mountains which peek down each street you can’t help but feel in awe.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

As I was attending Alt Summit (more about this later) I didn’t have much time to explore the city. I was determined not to miss it completely and took a an early morning trip to Temple Square to see the incredible 19th century Mormon Temple and meeting house.

I had hoped for a pretty sunrise but happily made do with the cool overcast morning light. The temple forces your eye up to the heavens and the golden angel proclaiming the resurrection.

As a space considered sacred by The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints it’s not open for public tours. If you want to go inside you’ll need to get a recommendation from a church member. I was happy to walk through Temple Square and admire the architecture.

Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

I walked and took the Trax (tram) around the city as well as using Uber for rides in the evenings. The city is on a grid system which messed with my head a bit, it’s like my conditioning to winding and irregular road navigation is hard wired.

I’m not sure if my experience is unique but I found the welcome from everyone I met to be warm and genuine. My Airbnb hosts were so friendly, they even gave me a couple of lifts and picked me up at the airport. It was like coming to stay with old friends and I stayed up way too late chatting last night.

Salt Lake City

I will share more about the people I met out here when I’m back in the UK because I have a lot more to say.

Today I’m headed to San Diego to visit family before coming home on Sunday. I’m looking forward to great Mexican food, my first trip to Target, getting my camera out a bit more and to wrapping myself up in family hugs for a day.

Big Wide World

Kat Molesworth filled with joy

Six years ago I managed to shrink my world. Postnatal depression had me frequently considering not being here and avoiding contact with all but a limited number of friends.

I still find it hard to believe that I hid away from the world but as someone who feels emotion like a searing fire in my veins I was overwhelmed by every experience. While I still, (always have, always will), feel everything deeply it’s no longer something I struggle with.

The vulnerability I feel when I travel a new path sometimes pulls me back to those days. There are moments when I wonder if I can, or if I should, take a leap.

Frosty Morning

The difference now is that I have the courage to say yes to experiences; knowing that whatever comes my way is going to be woven into the story of my life one way or the other.

Tomorrow I’m headed off to Salt Lake City to dive head first into Alt Summit. I’m an enthusiast when it comes to blog conferences (as you may have guessed) and hearing different perspectives on our online landscape. I was lucky enough to be given a ticket and booked a flight within hours of finding out. I’m ready to make a dozen new friends and connect with companies I’ve only met over email.

So with butterflies in my tummy I am awaiting the cab at an unspeakable hour and the confinement of the flight because at the other end my world is about to expand.

Life Shrinks or Expands Depending on One's Courage Housewife Confidential

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