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Five Things for Which I’m Thankful


Practicing gratitude is shown to improve your satisfaction in life. I’ll be honest, I do not take the time each day and pause for reflection.

From time to time I remind myself to stop and breath it all in; life is good and we have an abundance to be thankful for. No matter what our worries we also have so much in life which fills our hearts and feeds our soul.

In recognition of Thanksgiving here are five things which are lighting my life today.

Wooly Jumpers

There is a chill in the air and this year for the first time ever I am feeling it. My slowly-growing collection of fair isle knits is keeping me snug. I love fair isle for its patterns and colours – joyful to wear.

Early Morning Bed Buddies

I may value sleep above all else but I love the gentle awakening of a child wriggling into bed beside you. And three bed buddies? Well it might be a little crowded but the half-conscious moments of tenderness are bliss.

My Memory

At this time of year I often feel drawn to my childhood. To remembering the time before my father died. It may be melancholy at times but those memories are so precious and passing on his stories to my children is the way I keep his spirit alive.

An Evening Alone

You may have guessed that Mr Kat and I both work crazy hours. To give our family balance during the day we spend most evenings toiling at our respective computers. Last night we went out for a meal and a comedy show. It was nothing spectacular but so very needed. I am grateful that we can do this from time to time and that we have friends who kindly help us out.


When I talk about abundance my first thought is often of the rich and kind community online. I am so grateful for the wonderful people in our community who are generous, caring and hilarious in equal measure. I am so grateful that this space gives me a chance to connect with you, whether you comment, we chat on Twitter or you just visit to check in on us; I am so happy you are here.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone for whom this is a special holiday.

With love, Kat xoxo

Spring Thanks

It seems to have become a little annual tradition around these parts. Spring flowers and a thank you for sending your votes my way.

Each year when I see Housewife Confidential’s name come up in the list of blogs nominated for an award in The MADs I feel overwhelmingly grateful to you, the people who take the time to appreciate it.

Last year so many of you nominated Housewife in the photography category you sent me to the final. It meant a whole lot that so many of you took the time to do that.

Truly, I love sharing this space with you. Housewife Confidential is like no blog I’ve written before because it is while here that I have finally grown into myself; settled down in my heart and found peace with who I am.

Thank you all for coming here to read, share, comment and join us in our little corner of the world.

Kat xoxo

MAD Blog Awards 2012

Two Hundred

I’ve been thinking for a while that I wanted to do a little giveaway. Nothing stupendous, just a couple of things from me to you to say thank you.

Writing in this space and sharing our lives with you is a wonderful experience. The ripples from what I say here spread further than I could imagine and create connections with so many inspirational and kind hearted people.

Each and every one of you has shown us great generosity from your words of support to voting me into the finals of The MADs (I didn’t win, Rachel deservedly took the trophy) to clicking on my amazon links and advertiser’s buttons when you are shopping; for all of that and more we are so grateful.

I have been blogging on and off now for more than ten years now, yet it wasn’t until I started Housewife Confidential in 2007 that I started to feel connected to what I was doing. As I have grown into myself as a Mama and as an individual in the last four years I have opened more of my heart here and the response has always been one of love. For all that is said of the nastiness found online, there is far more to be said of the love.

So if you would like to enter all you need to do is identify the mystery fruit on my facebook page and send me an email with the subject secret fruit and your answer.

I will keep the giveaway open until the liker-counter hits 200 on my fb page so it should give you all plenty of time to have a go. If you are not a facebook user then drop me an email and I will link you to the image so you can have a guess – I don’t want to exclude anyone for their social media preferences!

Technical: It is open Worldwide. The giveaway will remain open until my Facebook Page hits 200 likers (at least as soon as I notice it does) after which a winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Your details will not be shared with anyone. The prize is a little mystery (yes, this is part of the fun). There is no cash alternative for this prize. Giveaway now closed and fruit revealed

It is not open to Housewife Confidential family members.


:: My feeling of universal gratitude has been growing with the blossom; my annual reminder of how lucky I am to be walking this path.

:: I’m feeling grateful to you, my friends, for nominations in the 2011 MAD blog awards. I already know who some of you are as you have been kind enough to tell me you were putting Housewife Confidential forward and to those who haven’t told me, thank you. Housewife is currently nominated in the:

  • blogger of the year
  • baby blog
  • family life blog
  • food blogger
  • and blog photography

categories. The blogs who received the most nominations in each category go forward to the final vote to win prizes (oh and prestige but let’s not forget about the prizes). If you’d like to nominate you can do so here. If you’d like to know who I’m nominating take a look at the links on the right hand side, they are each and every one fantastic.

:: A timely reminder of the gratitude to be found in our lives daily from Lou this week (a little bonus which popped up in the four days it has taken me to write this)

:: I am also overwhelmingly grateful for the love and generosity this community has shown our little Betsy since she arrived. That people took the time to send messages, emails, cards, gifts (and chocolate) is touching but that so many of you have never met us is beyond my words.